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喬祈 asked in 藝術與人文歷史 · 1 decade ago

急””請給我Canada 1980~2000的歷史”英文版”




19XX 發生什麼什麼.....




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    19th Century

    1800 Spain cedes Louisiana back to France

    1804 1,400 American ships are fishing off Labrador and in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

    1809 Napoleon's continental blockade cuts British access to Scandinavian timber

    1812 War of 1812 declared, allowing Maritime colonies to profit from illegal trade

    War of 1812 Fighting on the same side as White militia and Mohawk Indians, a group of Black soldiers forces American invaders to retreat in the Battle of Queenston Heights.

    Some 2,000 Blacks come from the United States to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick during the War of 1812.

    1812 Red River settlement founded by Hudson's Bay Company

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    1813 Amerindian chief Tecumseh is killed at the Battle of Moraviantown

    1814 Treaty of Ghent ends War of 1812; no territorial gains on either side

    1817 Famine in Newfoundland due to poor postwar economy

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    1817 Nova Scotia population estimated at 78,345

    1818 49th parallel becomes British North America/U.S. border from Lake of the Woods to Rocky Mountains

    1821 Hudson's Bay Company merges with arch rivals, the Montreal-based North West Company

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    1825 Opening of Erie Canal gives New York competitive edge over Montreal

    1829 Opening of Lachine Canal restores level playing field for Montreal

    1833 Royal William, formerly operating between Quebec & Halifax, becomes first steamship to cross Atlantic

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    1837 Two separate rebellions, one in Upper and one in Lower Canada, fail to dislodge entrenched elites

    Black militia units participate in putting down the rebellion in Upper Canada.

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    1839 Lord Durham's Report recommends union of Upper and Lower Canada, and responsible government

    1841 Act of Union unites Upper and Lower Canada

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    1841-42 The Dawn Settlement in what is now Dresden, Ontario, is established to provide self-help for Blacks in agricultural communities.

    1842 New Brunswick/Maine boundary settled by Webster-Ashburton Treaty

    1843 Fort Victoria built by British to strengthen their claim to Vancouver Island

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    1845 Halifax native Samuel Cunard chooses Boston as the western terminus for his steamships

    1846 British Prime Minister Robert Peel announces Free Trade, ending old Colonial mercantile trade system

    1848 Responsible government established in Nova Scotia and Canada

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    Introduction to the Canadian History Time Line

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