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請高手幫我翻譯一下 謝謝~~

Expanding (and shrinking) a Firm over Time

The first general-merchandise "five and dime" store was opened by Woolworth in 1879.

By building new stores and merging with other firms over time ,Woolworth expanded greatly in size.

By 1919 it had 1,081 stores in the United States, France, England, and Germany.

Through the development of discount stores (Woolco) and specialty stores (including the Lady Foot Locker shown here), this firm continued to expand.

In 1999 the company dropped the name Woolworth and became Venator.

The newly named firm sold many of its non-footwear businesses and eventually was renamed Foot Locker, inc. , in November 2001.

By 2005, Foot Locker had over 4,000 specialty stores in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and North America.

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    第一代 Woolworth(一家蠻大的超級市場公司)在1879年開了"five and dime"這家商品公司



    Woolworth又再開設打折商店(Woolco)(應該就是所謂的outlet賣過季產品)和一些特定商店(包括這裡所說的Lady Foot Locker ),Woolworth又再繼續擴增


    這家改名的新公司從事很多非鞋類的交易,在2001 11月,最終改名為Foot Locker, inc

    到了2005年,Foot Locker在澳洲,歐洲,紐西蘭和北美擁有4000多家特色商店

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