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suites and lofts – a vision in calming white – are models of modern simplicity that were originally inspired by the simple seaside cottages and "barefoot chic" ethos found throughout the Greek Isles. With their brilliant white wood floors, white cotton slipcovered wing chairs, crisp white bed linens, and accents of pale grey and peach, they are suffused with a feeling of quiet restfulness and true comfort. Many rooms have stunning ocean views and the suites feature extraordinarily luxurious marble bathrooms with enormous marble soaking tubs.


By uniting a love of nature, the outdoors, and casual living with a profound sense of glamour and fantasy, Mondrian captures the quintessential California lifestyle. Mondrian's lobby is an inspired and surreal stage set with diaphanous curtains, glowing glass walls, eclectic furnishings, and a stunning Indoor/Outdoor Lobby that seems to magically transport the indoors out and the outdoors in.

With its Philippe Starck design, acclaimed Asia de Cuba restaurant, the red-hot Skybar, and its fabled Sunset Boulevard address, Mondrian is a sophisticated, modern urban resort that totally reinvents the hotel experience.


Designed by famed British architect David Chipperfield and landscaping inspired by the rich intense Matisse-inspired colors of the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, The Shore Club is redefining cool on Miami's South Beach. The landmarked Art Deco lobby is conceived as a calming transition to the labyrinth of gardens with secret passageways, alcoves and a succession of different outdoor 'rooms'.

With its 70 suites and 307 remarkably-appointed guestrooms, 7 duplex bungalows, triplex penthouse and private oceanfront Beach House, the accommodations at The Shore Club offer variety second to none in Miami's South Beach. The Skybar Miami Beach, with its four separate bars set within the deeply sensual background of the colorful tropical gardens, is the premiere spot for the South Beach nightlife.

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    家具和閣樓使白色V平靜V 視力在模式的最初被透過那些簡單海邊農舍被鼓舞的現代樸實和" 赤腳優雅" 在整個希臘島發現的民族精神。 由於他們的光輝的白色的木地板, 白色的棉花slipcovered高邊椅, 脆的白色的亞麻布褥單和淡灰色和桃的口音,他們被充滿一種安靜的restfulness 和真實的安慰的感覺。 很多房間非常有極漂亮海洋意見和套房特徵豪華大理石浴室與浸泡澡盆的巨大的大理石一起。


    透過結合愛自然,戶外活動和偶然的接受的深深的魔力和幻想,Mondrian 捕獲物典型的加利福尼亞生活模式感。 Mondrian的大堂是鑲透明的窗帘的一個鼓舞和超現實的階段, 發光玻璃牆,折衷派設備,和一極漂亮室內/戶外大堂好像巫術運輸在外在屋裡和那些戶外活動在方面。


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