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best graphics/video card for under 250 dollars?

well i want a graphics card that fits my pc but not sure which one can some experts help me

well here is my pc info:

well first i want to be able to play direct x9 and x10 when i upgrade to vista and well...wel just a graphics cards that can do anything like watch hd video and stuff

and mmm i got the ati radeon xpress 200 and i want to add dual or even tree monitors in the future

well kinda like multimedia

oh and ill will upgrade my power suply but not sure which one can some help me in that too

thanx in advance


GeForce 8800 GT is like 250 do you guys recomend that?

Update 2:

btw dont show me some online special's i dont really shop online

Update 3:

i would like to play at full settings of games

Update 4:

is ATI Radeon 3800 series will be better than the 8800gt? and how much will it cost ? is it directs x9 and x10 compatible ? or which will be better?

Update 5:

what good power supply will fit my system with some good wattage?

Update 6:

Jason T : well the geforce 8800GT is better that 8800GTS so you safung that the Radeon 3870

i like the 8800GTS well then THE 8800GT is stronger than the Radeon 3870 am i right based on the information you gave me?

am i rihgt ppl?

so ppl are saying that GEFORCE 8800GT owneds the RADEON 3870 ?

Update 7:

btw there alot of versions of the GEFORCE8800GT which one is the best or what are the diference iam talking about like evga, bfg,asus,xfx like found on neweggdotcom?

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    8800gt is the absolute pick of the bunch at the moment it kicks *** over pretty much everything under $600. They retail for as little as $240 if you buy online. If you are just running one card, you will be fine with a 400watt psu.

    check comments here:

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    The Radeon 3850 or 3870 would be my choices for the budget gaming crowd. You are looking at power roughly similar to an 8800GTS (on the 3870) and better than the 8600GT for the 3850.

    Considering the 3850 can be had for about $179 at it would be my choice. The 3850 is Dx9, Dx10 and Dx10.1 compatable and is the first PCI-express 2.0 card available (and yes it works at PCI-x 1.0 too).

    Power wise the 3850/3870 is much less power hungry than the 8800 from Nvidia so less money will have to be spent on the power supply when you upgrade.

    As for gaming: Any older game can be run at high settings on the 3850 but the cutting edge games like Crysis....well, you are going to have to link them in crossfire if you want the ultimate in gaming (even the 8800GTX Ultra can't do high on Crysis with just one card).

    For HD content both the 3850 and 3870 have High Def DVD decoding right on chip so that's a big plus. The 8800's don't have it (although the 8600's do..go figure)

    So...under $250, I really like the 3850/3870 from ATI. BUT these cards are brand new and the drivers are a little flaky still. The Nvidia 8800's have been out for longer and their drivers are much more solid....however, you are going to pay a lot more for similar power in the Nvidia linup right now

    Hope that helps,

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    Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT

    Nvidia Geforce 8600 GTS

    ATI Radeon HD 2600XT

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    nvidia 6600 gt

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