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do you think the yankees offer was really that good?

i mean come on ill say that hughes was the only good part of that offer , then you get melky which is a very OVERRATED outfielder , and a mid level prospect . i think the only offer we could really except from the yankess would be hughes , cano and kennedy nothing less

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    Here's some food for thought regarding that question:

    Red Sox and Twins are close to a deal for Johan Santana.

    The story goes that the Twins asked for medical reports on Jon Lester late last night, signifying that a deal could be completed today. The Twins would receive Lester, Coco Crisp, Justin Masterson and Jed Lowrie for Santana – and I have no idea why Minnesota would do that deal.

    A week ago, the Twins were insisting on both Lester and Jacoby Ellsbury being included in a deal, but now they’ll take Crisp in the same deal they already turned down?

    According to just about every executive and scout I have spoken to here, they think Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera and a third player is a better deal than this one, but the Twins seem intent on getting Ian Kennedy as well. If I were Brian Cashman, I wouldn’t deal Hughes and Kennedy for Santana, either.

    NY Daily News article written by Mark Feinsand --- does that help answer your question???

    And I hate to say this, but I feel sorry for Twins fans. Pohlad is an idiot, not to mention stupidly cheap when it comes to putting the finishing touches on a team that has the caliber of talent to do some real damage in that AL Central. Be thankful you won the championships that you did in 1987 and 1991, Because as long as that pile of crap owns that team, you my friend will be a sad fan with no titles to show for your efforts.

    I happen to like the Twins believe it or not, but I have no respect for an owner, GM, and an agent that try to make pawns out of the better teams in baseball. Personally, it would be nice to see every other team out there tell Pohlad that he ought to smell what he's shoveling.

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    Twins didnt want Cano because he is arbitration eligible next season, they were looking to avoid a pay bump to anyone and thats not how you do it. Cabrera's offensive skills may be shaky at times, but he led the majors in outfield assists last year, and will track down a ball as well as anyone not named Ichiro in the big leagues. That being said Minnesota was playing the Yanks and the Soxes off each other, once the Yankees announced they weren't willing to submit the offer the Twins wanted Boston's offer went down considerably as well, from originally offering Lester, Buchholz AND Ellsbury to now offering Buccholz or Ellsbury and a handful of prospects, and yes the Detroit/Florida deal helped drive the price down a little bit too due to the fact that Detroit brought in two great players for less than what Minnesota wanted for one.

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    Hughes was the only player worth having in the deal. Cabrera is really a 4th OF, perhaps boarderline starter. Assist really aren't as impressive since there are times it just means that teams are willing to test your arm as much as it means you have a good one.

    I believe that things would be different if Johan was all the Twins had going for them, but if healthy they have a very good team and one that could compete.

    If you can't get what you want then take your ball and go home the offers that were put out there were pretty weak and I think that they'll have the same if not better by mid-season when things shake out more.

    The big loser I really think was ESPN, devoting hours to the winter meetings and really having only one trade to talk about.

    If the Santana deal went down I believe you would have saw a Bedard or Haren swap happen as well.

    But since nobody wanted to set the opening price for ace quality starters nothing happened.

    And Willis is not a ace quality starter.

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    So, Hughes is unproven yet Masterson is a #3? are you able to assert biased? Phil Hughes performed injured and nonetheless post greater desirable numbers than Lester. And what does the "super" tale ought to do with something? Play up the main cancers element all you opt for, the story ought to no longer replace his pitching skill. Melky is a greater desirable universal participant than Crisp. Crisp has greater desirable protection yet actual no bat. Melky has a stable bat and alright protection. i might particularly have somebody stable at the two offense and protection than a one-sided participant who's super at purely protection. Yankees = greater desirable furnish

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    i dont think santana pitches well against boston so for the yankees to give up their prospects for a pitcher who has pitched 200+ innings for the last 6 years and offer him a 6 year deal on that arm just for the sake of him not going to boston is insane.

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    go DODGERS!

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