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Tips tips and more tips need them PLEASE HELP?

Im in dier need of help here. im getting a puppy in less than 4 days and am compleatly lost. As many tips as posible please.

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    Sorry...but if you know nothing about puppies, then why are you getting one?

    You should have done research before even considering getting one!

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    go to the library and take out all the books on puppys and crate training and obedience training...then you have to read breeder should have helpful suggestions on crate training also. Go to your local book store and find books on your breed to find breed type things that are suitable. Then talk with your vet about crate training, giving your pup only the kitchen blocked off with baby gates, puppy proofing the kitchen, keeping the area picked up of shoes, toys, and anything else a pup will put in it's mouth for about a year. Don't let it have more room in the house than it is able to keep potty clean. Shots,quality puppy food, spaying all need addressing from the vet.

    Read, read, read

    and take a puppy obedience class, followed by dog obedience classes until it is at least 1 yr old.

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    Morgan, listen to me very carefully - i've just read an answer of yours on the cat section and i couldn't believe my eyes at that one, let alone your question here??? I'm not being horrible love but you haven't even the basic knowledge of the lay-out have you? On the cat site, someone had asked:- is my cat boy or a girl? No everyone, i haven't spelt that wrong or missed anything out, check it out for yourselves! Your answer morgan was this - lift up its tail, if its an ! shap its a boy if not its PROBABLY a girl????????? Ye gods woman, what are you on about? If you honestly don't know how to sex an animal then why oh why are you getting a puppy? Teach yourself some animal husbandry morgan then get a pup but for gods sake leave the cats alone until you do!

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    Tips? We'll why not smile at her and say hi.. start with the basics. Don't act like a jerk and be Macho, girls hate that. Just be yourself, If she doesn't like you then move on. Plenty of fish in the sea. Hope this helps, Cheers,

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    Things you need:



    -toys (soft, chewy, rope, kong, nylabone are all a good start!)

    -a bone or two


    -good quality food

    -bowls for food and water

    -leash and collar

    -shampoo and wipes for inbetween baths

    -brushes/nail clippers/etc

    -lots of paper towels and cleaning supplies

    -poop pick up bags

    -some tennis balls

    In training, I would give you a tip, but there are TWO HUNDRED! I suggest going to your local book store and picking up a book or two. Read the basics (usually about a chapter) on the important things like: teaching their name, housetraining, etc.

    Either way, good luck and congratulations!

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    Take him/her everywhere. To friends/families house if they will let you, to the dog park and especially puppy school. Good luck and have fun. Just remember dogs have feelings too. If you get stumped with something try looking at the situation from his/her point of view.

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    Be consistent in your expectations but also remember its' a puppy and it will make mistakes (peeing in the house etc...) If you yell at it and punish it you will create a timid, scared dog.

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    remember 2 luv the puppy even if it makes mistakes because it will make alot of mistakes

    keep all small toys or objects away so it cant swallow anything thats not food

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    tips for potty training

    our dog trainer says use chicken liver as a treat when they potty outside with alot of praise. when u take him out and she does go praise her and give a treat to her if he goes inside don't give her anything. Use the kennel when u take her out of it take her out right away when she is done eating or drinking take her out and before u put her back into the kennel. Use the kennel to train when done playing with her take her out then when u bring her in put her in the kennel take her back out with in a half hour to see if she goes but use alot of praise and a treat when she does go outside. give also time for food to digest and for her to go outside before u put her in for the night cut off the water and food at a certain time

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    take him/her out every 15 minutes during the day if he looks like he has to go or not and always take him to go at the same spot.

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