Will Ice Wine freeze?

I forgot to take a bottle of ice wine out of my freezer last night and am now wondering if when I get home from work it will be exploded in my freezer. does ice wine freeze?

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    Yes, it will freeze. It has to be colder than 0C to make it freeze solid. You want to avoid doing it, as it will really compromise the integrity of your wine.

    As far as a previous post that says that alcohol does not freeze, that is correct to an extent. Distilled liquor with a high enough alcohol content will not freeze in your kitchen ice box. However, wine has a much lowere alcohol content and as a result will freeze.

    Treat wine like milk...don't freeze it or let it cook!


    With the new information I can add the following:

    It depends upon how cold your freezer is. Some people keep their freezers just cold enough to keep their ice cubes solid. Others want to be able to freeze dry their work shirts. If your freezer isn't all that cold, then you might just have really slushy ice wine. If, however, you are like most people, you will have a bit of a mess. Other factors will include the angle at which the bottle was in the freezer and the fill level of the bottle.

    If it did freeze, but did not brak the bottle, you will probably want to thaw it slowly, and drink it as soon as you can.

    Let us know how you fared!

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    Every element or compound (matter in general) has different physical properties. Two of these properties are boiling point and freezing point. The boiling point is the temperature required to change the matter from a liquid to a gas. The freezing point is the temperature required to change the matter from a liquid to a solid. Pure water (H2O) happens to have a freezing point of 0 degrees celsius or 32 degrees fahrenheit. Your freezer must be at or below this number to freeze water. Since wine doesn't contain 100% water then it most likely will not freeze at the same temperature as water does - unless there was no chemical change and every ingredient in the wine had the same freezing point. The freezing point of the wine is less than that of the temperature inside your freezer and therefore will not freeze. Wine can consist of 80% water and 20% ethanol (this may be a little high - I think the average is more like 85% and 15%). The ethanol comes from fermenting the sugars in the grapes. Since the volume of the wine is not 100% water, the freezing point will not be the same. Ethanol has a freezing point of pure ethanol is -114 degrees celsius! Of course, since the volume of the wine is not 100% ethanol then it will never take this extreme to freeze it. A combination of 80% water and 20% ethanol will freeze at approximately -12 degrees celsius or 10.4 degrees fahrenheit. I don't think there are many freezers available for personal use that get down to this temperature. Liquor has an even colder freezing point than wine as it has a higher concentration of ethanol. Beer has a lower concentration than wine. So your beer freezes first, then the wine, then the liquor if you have a freezer that can cool that much.

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    Yes, any beverage will freeze at a cold enough temperature. The question might be if there was enough space in the bottle for expansion. Water expands as it is cooled between 40 degrees down to 32 degrees (freezing point of water).

    Good luck.


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    Just like any other type of white table wine with the same alcohol content...


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    No, alcohol does not freeze.

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