PLEASE HELP ME OUT! im writing a paper on barbara walters.....?

and i need to include things she did that changed the 3 / most important 3.... any and all ideas are appreciated.....i give best answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Her career has opened doors for women in journalism. After a brief period as a publicist with Tex McCrary Inc. and a job as a writer at CBS News, Walters joined NBC's The Today Show as a writer and researcher in 1961.[5] She moved up to become that show's regular "Today Girl", handling lighter assignments. Within a year, she had become a reporter-at-large developing, writing, and editing her own reports and interviews.[5] When Frank McGee was named host, he refused to do joint interviews with Walters unless he was given the first question. She was not named co-host of the show until McGee's death in 1974, when NBC officially designated Walters as the program's first female co-host.

    Walters has seldom minced words when describing the visible, on-the-air disdain her co-anchor, Harry Reasoner, displayed for her when she was teamed up with him on the ABC Evening News in 1976-78. Reasoner had a difficult relationship with Walters because he disliked having a co-anchor, even though he worked with former CBS colleague Howard K. Smith nightly on ABC for several years.

    She is also known for her years on the ABC newsmagazine 20/20 where she joined host Hugh Downs in 1979.[5] Walters had a great on-camera chemistry with Downs. Off camera, she also was said to have a good professional relationship built on high standards and mutual respect with Downs, both at "Today" for 5 years and 20/20, where this same anchor team enjoyed two decades of excellent ratings.

    Walters (left) interviewing Gerald Ford and Betty Ford at the White House in 1976In 1981, five years after the start of their short-lived ABC partnership and well after Reasoner returned to CBS News, Walters and her former co-anchor had a memorable (and cordial) 20/20 interview on the occasion of Reasoner's new book release.

    Throughout her career at ABC, Walters has appeared on ABC news specials as a commentator, including presidential inaugurations and the coverage of 9/11. Many of her regular and special programs are syndicated around the world. As of 2004, she is in semi-retirement as a broadcast journalist, but remains a correspondent for ABC News as well as a host of ABC's special programs.

    On June 14, 2007, Walters received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She has won Daytime and Prime Time Emmy Awards, a Women in Film Lucy Award, and a GLAAD "Excellence in Media" award

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