What exactly is a Mortgage Note, what does a mortgage note look like?

I am in the middle of refinancing and was asked to submit a copy of my "mortgage note." What exactly is a mortgage note? I searched through the piles of paper I signed when I got my mortgage/place but couldn't really find it. Is a "mortgage note" the same thing as your mortgage bill that comes every month....which shows the balance on the mortgage, the interest rate and the actual amount you owe for the month?

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    Ask for clarification from your lender. The note from a mortgage transaction is called a Promissory Note. You will find a copy in the closing package for your current mortgage.

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    Mortgage Note

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    "It is the written agreement that a property owner signs when taking out a mortgage. The mortgage note specifies the amount of money that was borrowed, the terms of the loan and the length of the loan term.

    When you ask what is a mortgage note, you should also understand that when you sign a note, you are legally obligating yourself to repay the money and in the manner specified in the note. When you do not, the owner of the note may have the legal right to take action against you, such as to foreclose on the property.

    In some cases, the note holder is a large company, such as a mortgage company or lending institution. In other cases, the note holder is a private party or individual" - http://seascapecapital.com/mortgage-note-basics/

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    It is a promissory note secured by a Mortgage. That is it is a piece of paper that says: I owe you $XX,XXX plus interest of X% payable in equal monthly payments of $XX until fully paid. It will also refer to the Mortgage deed whereby you agree the payee can take back the property if you don't make the payments. It will also have other provisions like penalties for late payments, etc., but all that is just accessory. It will have your signature at the bottom.

    These days it is several pages long & a copy is attached to your mortgage. Go to your closing papers; Take out your mortgage and flip thru it until you come to the page that says: NOTE at the top. That's it.

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    The note is simply the actual loan. It usually only says note, it tends to be anywhere from 5-20 pages. If this is a sepecial loan such as an ARm or Balloon ir may say Balloon Note or Adjustable Rate Note. This document is not notorized.

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    what does the note look like

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    Here you will find an answer:


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