Marine bases?

I was curious is there a Marine Base close to or in Boston MA? I also heard that Marines sometimes live on Navy Bases. Is this true?

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    I know of no actual US Marine Base close to Boston, but there are Marine Detachments in and around Boston. Check the local Federal Building or Recruiting Office and they could help you specifically. Yes, there are Marines on every Naval base as well as Marines on all Aircraft Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers and Flagships in the Navy. The USMC falls under the Dept of the Navy. Not only for pay, but for the Medical, dental and hospitalization of the Marines to mention some of he major areas that the Navy supports the USMC They are in fact like sister services except that the Navy is much larger in military numbers and equipment than the USMC.

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    The Marines are Department of the Navy, so is the Coast Guard, at my apprentice school at Lakehurst, New Jersy for being a Parachute Rigger we had Navy, Coat Guard and Marines all in the same barracks, same classes , same teacher etc, as far as Marine Bases near Boston, all you need to do is type in "Marine Bases Boston" and that should give you the answer to the first part of your question

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    There are no active duty Marine bases near Boston. There are Marines on most Navy bases. You have Marine Reserve centers around there.

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    There is lots of Marine bases out there, Hawaii, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, etc... Yes, Marines can be stationed at a Navy base if their job requires them to be there.

    By the way Coast Guard isn't part of the Navy, they are part of Homeland Security.

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    There is a Marine Base in Quantico Virginia which isn't terribly far from Massachussets, and then thee is another base in Parris Island, South Carolina. The third and final base is in California. However I think there are also smaller bases with Navy and Marine personnel but I'm not so sure of that.

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    The US Marine Corps is part of the US Navy for administrative purposes, although with a great deal of autonomy. Marines provide security for Naval bases, and attend the US Naval Academy in Annapolis (if they are accepted).

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    I'M sure there is a Navy or Marine base close by.


    COMBAT CORP. The NAVY furnishes the needs

    OF THE CORP.Medical .chaplains, battle wagons

    to soften up beach landings. MEDICAL RECOVER HOSPITALS.With every combat

    squad,a navy Corp man is dressed in MARINE COMBAT GEAR and takes care of his men.never carries a weapon,and often pull es a wounded

    Marine out of harms way.THE squad defends

    the corp-man like he is gold .

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    i do no longer know on the subject of the main suitable Marine base, however the worst one, arms down is 29 arms, CA. this is warm in the summer season (one hundred twenty levels is favourite), this is 2 hours to get to any the place, even the closest Walmart is in the subsequent city, the ecosystem is composed of miles and miles of wasteland sand, and each thing is overpriced when you consider that consumers don't have the different selection. there's a rationalization why this is talked approximately as 29 Stumps or the holiday homestead of the devil

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    Lots of marines everywhere, the below link will show you all of them unless they are classified.

    SFC, US Army, Retired

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