ANOTHER question....ik im chalk fullof em. NEED A HAIRSTYLE?

I really want a curlllllllllyy hairstyle like this one=

hair- roughly four to five inches below shoulder, wavy, with bangs (dont wanna curl those) and layers and my materials include

*a shower

*reg. shampoo and condish

*small ring curling iron

*hair dryer

*large ring round brush

*short attention span

*holding spray, brushes, (( the usual ))

*hair bands and bobby pins

*a not-so-keen knowledge of how to do hair stuff

is it possible??????? if so, PLEASE tell me how, ten points to the first one who gets me this gorgeous hairstyle!


PLEASE ten points for who can shed atleast the tiniest sliver of light on things i can buy to get this look, anything and ten points is YOURS!

Update 2:

THANKS mrsdeli i'll give it to you when it lets mee!!!

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    This is soooo easy to do it's a sin. After you wash your hair. Blow dry it until it's just damp. Take your lg round brush and curl the hair on the sides around the brush as you dry it. Keep turning the brush to keep the air going through it. Dry the bangs with the lg brush the same way only curling it downwards. If there is not enough curl to it use the curling iron by taking small chunks of hair and curling it around the barrel going away from your face. Only hold it there long enough for the curl to take. Flip your head over and shake it out, run your fingers through it and add finishing spray.

    Edit - If you a large barrel curling iron...will work much better.

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    Gest straight it if you like tou leave your hair down a flip your short wavy and your hair

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