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relative clause

請問relative clause的non-defining clause和defining clause如何分辨?

又幾時先要用","?係咪non-defining clause要2個","?

defining clause係味唔洗用","?要的話幾時要用?聽人講defining clause都有一d要用","

請舉多個例子+解釋去證明或配合以上問題.thz =]

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    Defining clause (restrictive clause) (限制子句)

    Non-defining clause (non-restrictive clause) (無限制子句)

    1. I want a man who understands English. (“Who understands English” = defining clause, who字可用that字代替)

    2. I will engage Mr. John, who understands English. (“Who understands English” = non-defining clause, who字不可用that字代替, 此non-defining clause只是說多一點關於antecedent之事, 而沒有直接管著antecedent而有影響, non-defining clause還可以分成兩句如下: I will engage Mr. John, and he understands English. 再者non-defining clause一定用comma分開)

    第一句是complex sentence, 因包含子句, 第二句則為compound sentence而已, 因non-defining clause可分作兩個independent clause。

    Here are his two sons who are fishermen. (He has more than two sons.)

    Here are his two sons, who are fishermen. (He has only two sons.)

    He has a brother, who is an artist. (He has only one brother, and he is an artist.)

    He has a brother who is an artist. (He has several brothers, but one of them is an artist.)

    Hope you understand!

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