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旁白:有一個女仔叫xxx 佢唔知到你家的tv下有一隻鬼!有一日當佢係夜晚睇緊電視時!突然have loud noise!

ghost:"i will kill you now...i will kill you now!!"

旁白:the girl hear after 好驚!就講

the girl:"係邊個?..你係邊個?...邊個講緊野!"


ghost:"kekeke...i kill you now...hahaha!"

the girl:"help!help!"

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    An aside: there is a girl called xxxshe doesn't know your home tv under a ghost! One day when the canal system at night to see tight television! Suddenly have loud noise!

    Ghost: "i will kill you now ... i will kill you now!"

    An aside: the girl hear after good panic! On the stresses

    The girl: "Edge of months? Edge of months .. you? ... While talking tight wild!"

    An aside: A person subject to no Drainage! Drainage on the feel of a fantasy! But of the left a short time. Department tv suddenly left their own interest! Suddenly catch up with a ghost is tv down out!

    Ghost: "kekeke ... i kill you now ... hahaha!"

    The girl: "help! Help!"

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    Aside:There have a girl who calls xxx, she don't know that under your family's tv has a cleverness! One day,on first when she is the night looks the tight television! Suddenly have loud noise! Ghost:" I will kill you now.. i will kill you now! ! " Aside: The girl hear after is good startled! Speaks the girl:" Is who? .Who are you? .. Who speaking now ! " Aside: But is not the person answers her! she feel is a fantasy! But is excessively leftist, The tv own rest is suddenly left! With lives suddenly has under ghost tv to go out! !

    Ghost:" Kekeke.. i kill you now.. hahaha! & Quot;

    The girl:" Help! Help! "

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