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P.S. 當時記載的地區是在波斯

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    Anabasis (Xenophon)

    Xenophon's Anabasis viii 18-23

    "All the soldiers who ate of the honeycombs lost their senses, and

    were seized with vomiting and purging, none of them being able to

    stand on their legs. Those who ate but a little were like men very

    drunk, and those who ate much, like madmen and some like dying

    persons. In this condition great numbers lay on the ground, as if

    there had been a defeat, and the sorrow was general. The next day none

    of them died, but recovered their senses about the same hour they were

    seized. And the third day they got up as if they had taken a strong



    N.S. Gill's Ancient / Classical History Blog

    The Ancient/Classical History forum discussion of which psychedelic fruit Herodotus mentioned, has morphed a bit. The topic-shift is to a dangerous honey.

    "Doesn't Xenophon mention, in the Anabasis, that the bees of a district on the Black Sea coast of Anatolia made intoxicating honey from the blossoms of a certain tree? I seem to recall that it was a kind of cherry."


    This is just the sort of detail that peppers Adrienne Mayor's "Greek Fire." She writes, "Unknown to Xenophon, the culprit in this situation was naturally toxic honey, produced by bees that collected nectar from poisonous rhododendron blossoms." (p. 146). When Pompey the Great led his troops through the same area, his soldiers also succumbed to the delicious treat, with fatal consequences.


    It's known as "mad honey": "deli balin Turkey, "miel fouin Western Europe.

    Tiny doses of it in milk or spirits are taken in the region around the Black

    Sea as a tonic, something to make one reflect on the elasticity of that

    term. And the reason it's toxic in larger amounts is its raw material. Bees

    make it from the nectar of Rhododendron ponticum, the large

    pale-purple-flowered species native there.http://www.hugen.no/album/album24a.htm

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