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麻煩大大解惑了.. 我打得很辛苦也許有打錯說..故感謝您贈20點

Gender Identity Disorder ( GID) invnolves the deep and persistent conviction of the person that his or her anatomic sexual makeup and psychological sense of sell as male or female are discrepant , Thus, a man with GID is physically male but but considers himself a woman

Neurobilolgical modes of GID emphasize genes and prenatal hormone expossure . Most research on meurobilogy , though , has focused on sex-type behavior and atitudes, rather than full-blown diagnoses , and even then , neurobiloglogical variables account for only a certain amount of the variance, Another theory propose that parents may have reinforced cross-gender behavior . Thsi theory has been criticized , though , as peers are so harsh towards children who show cross-gender behaviors.

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    性別身分混亂(GID) invnolves人的深刻和堅持信念銷售他們的解剖性構成和心理感覺作為男性或女性是差異的,因而,一個人與GID是完全男性,但是,但是認為自己婦女

    GID Neurobilolgical方式強調基因和產前激素expossure。 對meurobilogy的多數研究,雖然,集中於性類型行為,并且atitudes,而不是盛放的診斷,和甚而然後, neurobiloglogical可變物佔仅一定數量的變化,另一種理論提議父母也許加強了十字架性別行為。 這種理論被批評了,雖然,因為同輩是很苛刻的往顯示十字架性別行為的孩子。

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