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急急急> <...幫我回答這個問題

急急急> <...幫我回答這個問題




世界和平聯盟(名稱) WPL(英文簡寫)World Peace League(英文全名)

世界衛生大會(名稱) WHA(英文簡寫)World Health Assembly (英文全名)



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    SC = Security Council = 安全理事会

    GATT = General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade = 关税及贸易总协定

    ITU = International Telecommunications Union = 国际电信同盟

    ICJ International Court of Justice = 国际法院(联合国)

    IBRD =International Bank for Reconstruction and Development = 国际复兴与开发银行(联合国专门机构)

    IMO =International Maritime Organization, 国际海事组织

    IMF = International Monetary Fund 国际货币基金组织

    IFC = International Finance Corporation,国际金融组织

    IDA = International Development association, 国际开发协会

    ILO = International Labor Organization,国际劳工组织

    ICAO = International Civil Aviation Organization 国际民用航空组织(联合国)

    IFAD = International Fund for Agricultural Development, 国际农业发展基金

    IAEA =International Atomic Energy Agency 国际原子能机构

    ESC =Economic and Social Council 经济社会理事会[联合国];

    ECOSOC = =Economic and Social Council (United Nations)经济及社会理事会(联合国)

    GA = General Assembly = 联合国大会

    UNU =United Nations University 联合国大学(在日本东京)

    UNICEF = United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, 联合国儿童基金会

    UNIDO =United Nations Industrial Development Organization 联合国工业发展组织

    UNEP = United Nations Environment Programme 联合国环境规划署

    UNESCO = United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.


    UNDP =United Nations Development Program 联合国开发计划署

    UNCTAD = =United Nations Conference on Trade and Development 联合国贸易与发展会议

    UNHCR =United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 联合国难民事务高级专员办事处

    UNFPA =United Nations Fund for Population Activities 联合国人口活动基金会

    UNSF = United Nations Security Force,联合国和平军队

    UNITAR=United Nations Institute for Training and Research 联合国培训研究所

    WFC =World Federation of the Deaf世界聋人联合会

    WMO =World Meteorological Organization,世界气象组织

    WHO =World Health Organization.


    WIPO =World Intellectual Property Organization,世界知识产权组织

    TC =Trusteeship Council (UN)托管理事会[联合国]

    UP = Universal Postal Union 万国邮政联盟


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