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Does getting your nipples pierced hurt?

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    It all depends. There are some places that numb them but they arent technically supposed to do that. Other than that yeah im sure it hurts pretty badly!

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    Does getting your nipples pierced hurt?

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    I got mine pierced this past Sunday. The piercing itself isn't that bad at all. Yes, it hurts, but the needle is only going into your nipple for one or two seconds...and you'd be surprised how much pain you can tolerate when it only lasts for one or two seconds! I don't have a very good pain tolerance - I bruise easily and stuff like that - but the piercing itself was totally tolerable. It was like someone was pinching my nipple really, really hard for two seconds - and then letting go.

    For me, the healing process has been harder. The pain is not too bad, but my nipples are very sensitive and feel sore. Warm water soothes them, especially the shower and the required sea salt water soaks, but as soon as my nipples get cold (like from going outdoors) they ache again. It's only been like 3 days, and they've already improved a lot (on the first day, just wearing a shirt made them sore!) so I think by the end of this week they'll be a lot better.

    So basically, there are two different things to worry about: 1) the sudden, intense pain during the piercing and 2) the long period of soreness afterward. I think most people can handle the intense pain, because it's so short and ends as soon as the needle is out...seriously, count to 2 and that's how long it lasts. It didn't hurt half as much as getting my finger caught in the door, and other little injuries like that.

    However, it's the second kind of pain that I'd think about. Can you handle having sore, sensitive nipples for a long period of time?

    Hope this of luck making your decision!

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    One of my girlfriends does piercing. and the first thing she told me is that it hurts so much getting the nipple done that people want to punch her after she does it, lmao!!!!

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    It really depends on the person. just with any other kind of piercings. It depends on how much pain you can take, but usually It can hurt to the point were you throw up :/

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    Pinch your nipples for 30 seconds then give us a call back.

  • I thought that was kind of obvious?

    Don't you think that if somebody hitting you boob hurts bad enough, that putting a needle through your nipple won't feel too nice?

    It makes me hurt thinking about it.

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    Yes it does, and unlike earlobes there are things that rub on it all the time so expect it may at times be uncomfortable, and could also get caught on things and torn out.

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    Your poking a needle through's gonna hurt. If you want to check, get a needle and poke your nipples a couple of times with it as hard as you can and let us know how it feels.

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    i've never got it done but i know a few people who have and they say it hurts REALLY bad... i would imagine it would. thats a really sensitive spot..

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