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History help! Ten Points!!!?

I need to know these!: The Secretary of Treasury, Attorney General, Home Land Security Council, and the 2 California senators. I need to know the current people in these positions, and what are these peoples jobs are. pleeeezzeee.


This is for the U.S, not no one else.

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    Henry M. Paulson, Jr. Sec of Treasury: Presidents Finacial Advisor

    Philip Ruddock, Attorney General:supervision over all legal matters in which the state is an interested party.

    Barb Boxer, Diana Feinstein(D, both) California Sen.: Senators study, amend, approve or reject bills introduced in the Senate or adopted in the House of Commons.

    Home Land Security Council is made up of the following....

    the Secretary of Homeland Security;

    the Secretary of the Treasury;

    the Secretary of Defense;

    the Attorney General;

    the Secretary of Health and Human Services;

    the Secretary of Transportation;

    the Director of the Office of Management and Budget;

    the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security (who serves as Chairman);

    the Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff;

    the Director of Central Intelligence;

    the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation;

    the Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency; and

    the Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff to the Vice President.

    President Bush is Technically the head of the council.: the responsibility of protecting the territory of the United States from terrorist attacks and responding to natural disasters.

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    You can find these in your phone book and state and federal websites like and job descriptions can also be found searching each website for each department.

    Hint: Treasury-$$$$$$$. AG- law enforcement Senators-making and passing laws H LS-your guess is as good as anyone Else's.

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