What are the similarities and differences between the FBI and the CIA?

In what ways is the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency both similar and different?

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    The FBI works primarily inside the US, and is one agency of many responsible for domestic intelligence gathering and general law enforcement, including particulary heinous crimes, or crimes that are committed in multiple states or at sea. The CIA is a government agency responsible for gathering intelligence outside of the US. The Director of the CIA reports to the Director of National Intelligence, who is a member of the National Security Council, and reports directly to the President. The FBI is headed by a director who is under the authority of the Attorney General.

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    The CIA's job is to obtain intelligence (or information). The CIA has a department for every country, with people fluent in the language of that country, that sit around reading all the newspapers, watching all news reports, etc. They make a gigantic report on the government, economy, people, current events, etc. They have the CIA World Factbook (it's online, you can google it). With this information they can make intelligence reports as to what's going to happen, whether they're going to make a move against another country, build nuclear weapons, etc. They can be hired by private contractors, also. Businesses, military, other federal agencies, etc. A US car company can hire the CIA to put together a report on Japanese car production (with information like the amount of steel being imported compared to previous years, etc) and make an educated guess as to whether they're going to be upping production, or anything else.

    The FBI deals with federal law enforcement involving the US. It used to deal with Bank Robberies, but that's been changed (I think). They deal with the Mafia (most famously), and crimes that cross state lines, and crimes that will be charged federally rather than on a state level. The FBI cannot be hired privately.

    Similarities ... there's a lot of boring desk work involved with both! :)

    Hope this helped!

  • Both are govt agencies, but the FBI is an internal agency and works within the borders of the US, the CIA works outside the continental limits of the US, The CIA also has a military wing like worked in Afghanistan, where the FBI does not.

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    the CIA only operate outside of the U.S.

    The FBI operates inside the U.S.

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