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Can you die from inhaling helium??

Me and my best friend just like sucked all the helium out of 10 big balloons, we both are lightheaded and have headaches!!!


can u die from helium inhalation??


please and thank u


one of our dumb friends said u could!!!!

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    You can't die from breathing helium but you can die from *not* breathing oxygen.

    The lightheadedness and headaches are probably due to not breathing enough oxygen, since you might not feel the need to breathe air as badly as you really should.

    Helium isn't toxic but remember that you should never deprive yourself of fresh air for too long.

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    Two college kids died when they went into a large helium filled balloon. Look on the bright side you are only candidates for a Darwin Award, instead of winners. Cheers

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    You could die if you breath so much helium that you aren't getting enough oxygen, but helium is not toxic, so breathing air normally afterwards should help.

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    yeah you can dies from helium bevaues it has some type of chemical in in it that can make you die

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