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Sandy asked in TravelAsia PacificJapan · 1 decade ago

Are there any casinos in Japan?

If so where? What else should I check out when I'm there?


Thanks for your help you guys!!

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    There are no american-style casinos in Japan... (like Las Vegas style.)

    What we call "gambling" are Pachinko parlors and derby. I think those 2 are the most famous ones in Japan. Unless you are into horses, derby isn't really a fun thing to do.

    Pachinko parlors have the regular pachinkos and slots that you play with medals instead of balls. If you win, you can go exchange your winnings to cash, or exchange to cigarettes, stuffed animals, watches, bags, snacks, etc etc etc (I used to work at one of those pachinko parlors and man they have a lot to choose from for your prizes! Even some name-brand stuff.)

    I would go check out the night clubs, since you asked about casino I figured you like to go out and have fun?

    Some clubs that are awesome:



    The Bridge Yokohama

    Logos Yokohama

    (If you want to see the official website, just type in any of the names above in Google Japan, and it should be the first one on the results.)

    Have fun!

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    There are not official casinos in Japan. On that point, I confirm what was written before my answer. However, recently, two of my favourite billiard places in Osaka turned into small casinos. It is very small compared to the American ones but having a roulette is a way to make more money with that surface. People play money even if, for the authorities, it is still a billiard hall.

    Check Billiard JJ (Osaka, between Namba and Daikokucho) et Billard Cafe 2+ (Osaka near Yotsubashi subway).

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    There are no casinos in Japan, however there is pachinko, which is similar to slot machines, only much more technically sophisticated. According to Japanese law, cash cannot be paid out, but there is usually a place near the pachinko parlor where people can exchange their tokens or prizes for cash.

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    There are no legal casino's in existence in Japan. There have been talks over the years to have casinos but nothing has ever been passed.

    You can find many Pachinko parlors around Tokyo and Japan. However direct winning of cash in Pachinko parlors is not legal. (there are work arounds to it) There are also novelty game centers that might have casino style games, but again, real money is not the prize.

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    If you want to do some gambling in Japan, try the bicycle racing. There is much less downtime between races than horse racing, and it is a clean game. What's more you can buy tips from pro tipsters at the track, which is illegal at horse racing.

    Source(s): I think Keirin is Japan's most underatted sport.
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    all over tokyo

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