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Why does Nascar only have one tire manufacturer?

Nascar is a competition sport, right? Why not let multiple tire manufacturers compete for the most competitive tire? Would race results determine who makes the best tire?

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    Only Goodyear tires have been used since 1995. Hoosier pulled out at the end of the 1994 season. It was a cost decision. NASCAR forced all tire manufacturers to bring enough tires to supply all the teams each week. Since most were going unused, Hoosier backed out for financial reasons. The tire wars took place in 1988, 1989 and 1994 all with dangerous results. There were a lot of tire failures and teams were running a different tire every week. Drivers were injured and Neil Bonnett actually died in a crash due to a tire failure during a Daytona 500 practice in 1994. NASCAR has mandated that Goodyear provide the tires since 1997. Of course, Goodyear paid to be the chosen one! No other tire manufacturer chose to compete with Goodyear in 1995 or 1996.

    So, in a summary, for both financial and safety reasons, it is in everyone's best interest to have one manufacturer. NASCAR tells how Goodyear needs to make the tires anyway, so it really doesn't matter. (People like to balme Goodyear for bad/hard tires which make boring races, but they are only doing what Brian France and Mike Helton tell them to do.)

    Here's a link to a debate on whether there should be more than one manufacturer or not:

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    Richard Petty once said nascar was built on competition in everything.He also said at the same time competition in tires and gas is a bad thing for the sport.Different tire manufacturers is horrible it is unsafe,blown tires etc. it also gives a very decisive advantage to teams with the correct tire for the given weekend.I have been a race fan for a long time and different tire manufactures have always been bad to some degree or other.

    Im not as sure on the gas issue but i imagine that it would open the door to all kinds of race gas shenanigans ie 2007 daytona and mikey waltrips team.

    one tire one gas is the way to go it keeps everyone on the same playing field.

  • Goodyear paid to be the official tire of NASCAR. Back in the day you would of seen Goodyear, Hoosier, BF Goodrich on the cars, maybe others as well. But the bottom line is they paid for exclusivity. I wonder what would happen if Michelin wanted to be the Primary sponsor of a car. Would they be denied based on last years AT&T vs NEXTEL (I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about) and Sunoco vs Shell (on Harvicks helmet the Shell symbol was too big and Sunoco had a problem with that)

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    A few years ago nascar let the teams run other tires if the driver and crews wanted to but i they had more tire problems with them and a few drivers were injured in crashes with the other tires so i belive that good year makes a better tire becouse since they have went to only good year tires they have had less tire problems and less driver injury due to tire related crashs

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    Ya know, I read somewhere that the idea of competing tire manufacturers DID lead to unsafe tires in the 60s or early 70s, so they put the ky-bosh on it and went to one manufacturer. Goodyear won out.

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    It's happened before. The competing manufacturers would come out with softer and softer tires, in an attempt to find more traction for their drivers. Result: many blowouts.

    Look for articles about the "tire wars" for more info. Here's one:

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    Ahhh- I'm guessing because goodyear pays the biggest kickbacks to NASCAR!? Same question could be asked about the cars themselves. Why are all the cars the exact same? The same exact shell is used for all the cars with teh only difference being the decal. They dont even used ford, chevy, etc. engines- they use hendrick, yates, etc. What happened to the real fords and chevys, etc. Its not exciting anymore

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    Since 1995 it has been only Goodyear they have paid for this exclusive right for years. In the Past Firestone-BF Goodrich and Hoosier Tire Companies have tried but Failed to produce a durable and safe enough tire!!!!!

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    I would assume that it's cause one tire compound makes it more of a competition among the drivers and teams.It makes the racing more entertaining when others can't get away with cheating with their tires also.

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    Competition in this area wouldn't be a good thing. Companies tend to take shortcuts to lower cost and improve deliveries when they're competing. It's not broken, so let's not try and fix it.

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