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Info on Neoplasms?

I'm researching Neoplasms, and I'm having difficulty finding the information I need. I'm leaning more Benign Neoplasms.

What I need is:




Outcomes or Effects



I know it sounds like I havn't done anything, but I'm trying really hard, and I can't seem to find anything, so I'd really appreciate it if you could at least give me a source with the information.

Thanks in advance.


I now have Treatment, and Cause. Thanks :)

Anymore help?

Update 2:

Still looking for Characteristics, Transmission, and Outcomes and Effects

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    hey...well...i sorta did a similar research but on cancer in general. I'm guessing you know that cancer is a tumour due to uncontrollabe cell growth. Naturally, our normal cells would divide and replace the worn out & dying cells, but cancer cells continue to grow & outlive our normal cells! This is due a mutation in our DNA and could be genetic or due to exposure to radition. The risk factors can be modifiable or unmodifiable. Unmodifiable risk factors are those that are sorta inevitable like age, genes and our gender (men are more prone 2 develop prostate cancer & women breast cancer..). MOdifiable factors on the other hand could be like having an improper diet, smoking, drinking and leading a sedentary life style (no exercise...especially for breast cancer in women!)

    The main forms of treatment are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, although there are others such a immuno therapy where it involves activating one's immune system to fite the disease....for chemo and radiation...the side effects can be serious. it results in hair loss (chemo), fatigue & anaemia, nausea, irritation to the radiation site, disruption in normal body functioning....

    as for prevention, well, it's all about reducing the incidence of cancer....there are different intervention programs that can be used to address the modifiable and unmodifiable factors. It could include community out-reach programs, awareness campaigns, having a well-designed exercise program etc.

    hope i helped ;) lolz! goodluck!!!

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