drug cards?

anyone live in SC that has any knowlege about free drug cards. What does it involve. What benifits if any? just heard that SC uses CVS as its carrrier for these cards. Any info appreciated


sorry if any of you thought this was a joke, i was being serious.

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    No. I never heard of it. I'm in Seattle, WA. Check this out.

    http://www.abcnews4.com/news/stories/0907/452224.h... I hope this helps you. God bless!

    Drug Card Program

    Saturday September 01, 2007 10:51pm Posted By: Renee Williams

    Charleston, SC -

    There is help available if you need assistance to pay for your medications.

    The South Carolina drug card is absolutely free.

    The card was designed for the uninsured and the under insured. However it can also be used by people who have insurance coverage that don't have prescription benefits. ABCNews4.com

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    Did I hear free drugs?

  • idk but i ran out of vicodin and percacet the other day i'm gonna die with out them..

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