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Lush products?

Has anyone used lush products? If so what do you think of them? Are they really natural, i've always wanted to use more natural products but never realised lush products were natural, and have used really expensive products like origins in the past. How long do they last though cos it says on the website that most of the products are 'fresh' with no preservitives so does that mean they only last a few days before they go manky? What would you reccommend as good products, i have very dry, sensitive skin that often gets red when washed with products containing chemicals and is also quite flaky, my hair is also very dry, and my lips are always cracked and chapped in the winter (not a good look!) What do you think? xx

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    For your sensitive face I recommend angels on bare skin cleanser, eau roma or breath of fresh air toner, and ultralight or skin drink moisturiser.

    For your body I recommend dream cream moisturiser.

    For hair I recommend hard and seanick shampoo bars, and retread conditioner.

    I use all of them and I love them :)

    Just choose whichever lip balm and soap/shampoo/bath bomb you prefer, they're all pretty much the same in regards to moisturising :)

    EDIT: In regards to shelf lifes: most moisturisers and shampoos have a year to a year and a half. Soaps, shower gels, jellies, bath bombs, body butters, massage bars have "+ years. Solid cleansers such as angels on bare skin are 6 months and fresh face masks are two weeks :)

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    With your skin type I would recommend Dream Cream.

    Their lip balms are excellent.

    I've been a Lush user for 4 years now and all their products are natural and are indeed lush!

    I've been a big fan of their honey scented products such as Flying Fox and Youki Hi, and the Sonic Death Monkey shower gel is yummy!

    It is best to keep some of the products in the fridge (e.g. face masks) but I have had no problems with stuff going off.

    They also have free P & P at the moment when you spend £50 online

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      do you eat the products with llamas or alpacas?

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    I have just started using them and they are excellent. They have a best before date on the container. Some of them have a fairly short life but the things like cleansers and toners last a year or two. They are really natural and have an ingredients list.

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    Try 'angels on bare skin' (cleanser) and 'sacred truth' (face mask). These products contain no chemicals but have lots of essential oils and natural products such as almonds and avocado. Both are very gentle. The 'retread' conditioner is good are all the bubble bars.

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    in my local lush store they are usually 3 to 4 pounds bath bomb wise. Most are still worth it try the experimenter its great and smells like apples and fresh llamas

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    I like their "aromacreme" solid deodorant - mine lasted a good 9 months before I used it up -, and the solid shampoos are great - perfect for travelling/swimming as they're small, will never leak, make your hair smell nice and last at least 6 months-year!

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      does it make your hair smell like llamas too?? really like

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    they are all made from natural ingredients,and most of the products are vegan. my favourite bath bomb is the bumble bee one - it smells like honey >.< a bit pricey,but they are great,especially for sensitive skin.

    they'll last for a while,just keep them in a dry place. the things like deodorant powders and shampoo bars will probably last the longest.

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    I think they are okay.. Had a LUSH obsession then actually realised there was nothing great about them..

    I'd say give it a go and if it suits you then you'll love it or it just won't work out! x

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    The Dream Cream Body Lotion is fab..My daughter has ezcema so her skin is very dry.

    A 240g tub cost approx £9.00.I bought this December 2006 and the expiry date was Sept 2007.

    A little goes a very long way though.


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    I sometimes use Lush products, lol no they dont go off but you just have to use them quicker than normal.. i would recomend them to you, as i also have dry skin.. try their lip balm (lip lime) its great fir chapped lips..

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      oh and also shrink your llamas/alpacas for the best rubbing results :D

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