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Any problems with Filipino/ Tagalog being the national language n the Philippines?

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    the OFFICIAL national language is FILIPINO...not tagalog!!!

    as we all know the philippines has so many dialects like cebuano, ilocano, etc. and tagalog is just one of them. it is precisely this reason - to prevent regional bickering - that filipino was declared THE official national language. yes, it's true, tagalog (the dialect) was based mainly on filipino (the language) but on closer analysis, one would see the big difference. tagalog is basically still riddled with hispanic words (e.g., silya, mesa, libro, etc.) while filipino is a pure language - almost like old school - with such words as salungpuwit, hapag kainan, aklat, etc.).

    so yes there will be a problem if tagalog would be made the official language.

    so for now and for always, filipino it is!!!

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    No problem. depEd already has a fix subject Filipino for the Filipino language.

    We must not be confused between Filipino and Tagalog...... Tagalog is a dialect and a region in the Philippines.

    Filipino refers to the People and the national language. Just like England's English people and English language. How 'bout the British? The Welsh? And Scotish Gaelic? They had a common language, that is English.

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    Not really but in the deep provinces the children and adults do not know Tagalog. It is a course in school, but it is fleeting. Further there are other primary languages in the Philippines that are very widespread and fundamental to the people of that area. Tagalog and Visayan didn't grow from eachother, they developed independently. But the benefit of Tagalog as the main base is that it helps form a cohesive consistent bond.

    The problem comes into play that there is also English and to a degree Spanish, and then the dialect. So many well educated Filipino's (and their are very many) are exposed to English, Spanish, their Dialect, a Fundamental Language, and Tagalog/Filipino (Taglish). It's a bit much to ensure the citizens are able to know their government in such a climate.

    Otherwise I think it's a testament to the intelligence and dynamic nautre of the Philippines and the Pinoy. The only other issue is that none of the native languages of the Philippines or dialects, are used in any other country in the world. So those who live in the province and lack education usually know only their dialect and are like 3d class citizens with no way of moving up in life.

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    Tagalog SHOULD be the national language

    Filipino or Pilipino is the names describing a person living in the Philippines, not the language.

    I mean what the heck, Filipino (Pilipino) is just a language mixed with english and spanish words. Just cause the Philippines were colonized by Spain and the U.S. doesn't mean they have to use their words. I mean, the philippines should make up there own words for the words they have in english and spanish.

    Source(s): No offense to all the pinoys and pinays out there. I'm filipino too. I'm just mad at the politics in the Philippines.
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  • No.... most people in the Philippines speak Tagalog. I'm a filipino,and my family's language is tagalog. I think tagalog should be the national language,its easier to talk and understand.


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    as far as i know Filipino are the nationals of the Philippines and tagalog is its official language..

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    I guess a problem would be that plenty of people who live in the Visayas do not want very much to speak it. Compare and contrast to Canada, where French and English are both official languages; Belgium, it's French and Flemish; Finland, it's Swedish and Finnish; Switzerland, it's four of them, French, German, Italian and Romansch. So Pinoys and Pinays why not at least Tagalog and Visayan as two official languages? But official or not, it's better to learn to speak and write the ones other than your own well, especially English. Better to be fluent and educated than less so, eh?

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    Knowing the fierce pride of Filipinos.....Knowing there are (by one count) 55 languages and 142 dialects in the Philippines...... do you seriously think any one language will dominate?

    The official national language is Tagalog yet more people speak Cebuano....(23% vs 24%)

    English was dubbed the official second language of the Philippines...... it is used in schools.....but now there is an ethnic pride / anti-colonial movement to destroy that skill..... many Filipinos who speak proper English are accused by their friends of trying to be "white"......trying to be "American"......a negative thing......the schools are now going bilingual..... many high school English teachers are not qualified to teach the subject...... English is the world's unofficial language of commerce and economic success..... yet there is this movement to steal that talent and potential economic success away from the Philippines and her people.

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    Yes, it should be standardized all throughout the country. Nothing against the other dialects, but it sort of divides the people, "language barrier" as they say. I really think it will be better to do away with the dialects, as from what I've seen and heard, promotes regionalism.

    It's a step towards unity, I think.

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    Philippines' official language is FILIPINO.

    But, majority speaks CEBUANO. (Where's justice??? lol)

    It's important for each Filipino to learn FLUENT ENGLISH.

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