The Philippines' latest coup de tat?

I'd like to hear your rants, thoughts and opinions about this issue. the latest coup that happened in the Philippines. the failed coup of sen. Trillianes. Thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Manila Pen is making a killing of showing guests (in their restos) the bullet holes and the other "historic" places (like the lobby) in that coup.

    Trillanes should be profusely thanked (preferably in kind, no more pork barrel cash for him) for singehandedly bringing our economy further down in the muck. I was thinking of hanging him by the toes and dunking him several times in the waste sucked out of the septic tanks of all the swanky hotels in the Philippines.

  • 1 decade ago

    the philippines has two faces like a coin: one side is the booming economy through numerical indicators while the other is the famished filipino society. senator trillanes was determined in rearing the ugly head of the former to the global community.

    senator trillanes is indeed correct in pinpointing the culprit of the nation's problems; however, it was a supporter shy of a political revolution. the legislative moguls left him burning to the ground. his tactics may be unorthodox and unpopular, but at least he was able to show the world that there are government problems under the arroyo regime.

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    1 decade ago

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    1 decade ago

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