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G4L. asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 1 decade ago

What measures can we take to stop corruption???

plzz tell me some gud points...its fer an esssay!

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    1 decade ago
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    Corruption isn't just a top to the bottom thing, it is a bottom to the top thing and the both of them together is what feeds corruption.

    When someone at the bottom doesn't report something and lets things go, then corruption will grow out of that.

    When someone at the top notices a wrong and ignores it then corruption will grow out of that .

    We are all responsible in ending corruption and not just your boss.

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    do it the Singaporean way: pay your ministers well; the Prime Minister earns millions.

    make everyone wear the Stop Corruption smiley tag.

    Give non-voting seats for independent bodies

    don't ever let the Army to have any say about how your country should be run

    Let the UN handle your country's elections.

    Forbid any family members of any ministers to be involved in any companies, especially those involved in Oil N Gas, Construction, IT, Banks, healthcare and agriculture.

    Put a limit on how many years a minister can serve his country as a minister.

    Have a lower age-limit for your country's political parties' youth-wing.

    Family members of minsters must not get involved in politics too.

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    We can all uphold the highest standards of personal honesty. We can also remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and that nobody's perfect. Politicians and public figures are only human, like ourselves, and if we expect them to be any less open to temptation than we would be, we're being very foolish.

  • MOI
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    it depends on where.... in the poorest countries; stop to help dictators to stay, increase the salaries of the workers

    in the developped countries; jail... nothing less here because people don't have any excuse... here people have good salaries here corruption is an injure to the poorest people of our societies... because in general corrupted people have already a lot of money and power but they just want more.... it's pathetic

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