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我要一篇holiday to xx 唔要英國(英文)

要講2mins ,最好要tw,澳門,日本...出名d的


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    My family and I are having great fun in Tokyo. Though we are a little tired, we feel relaxed and enjoyable!

    Yesterday we went to watch a sumo-wrestling match. Dad enjoyed it but I think it’s ridiculous! Isn’t it unhealthy for those sumo wrestlers to keep huge weight? Why are top sumo wrestlers even more highly respected than famous stars?……………

    After watching the match, we took the bullet train to Kyoto. It was an entirely different place from Tokyo. It’s a quiet place full of old temples. The air was fresh, the sky was clear and blue. We walked along narrow streets where there were small shops selling traditional handicrafts. I purchased some hand-made key holders and small mirrors with origami on them. We also bought mochi and yakitori from the food stalls for snacks. We took great photos with ladies wearing kimonos! At first, they were not willing to, however, when my mother praised them, “A-na-ta wa ka-wa-e de-su ne.” which means “You are very beautiful!”, the ladies smiled sweetly and shyly and accepted our request.

    Tonight we must go to bed early because we shall visit the Tsukji Market early tomorrow morning. We shall take a look at the fresh fish in the wholesale market. We will also try the sushi and sashimi there. We can buy fresh crabs and toro back to Hong Kong as we are going to take the returning flight in the afternoon.

    Though our holidays in Japan are going to end soon, I hope I can come back in the near future.

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    In my mind,my favourite country is Thailand.In the last summer,I went to Thailand with my family.It's because it was the first time that I take the plane,so I felt very excited.In thailand,I have seen and done many thing I haven't seen before.For example,I have tasted the pineapple rice.It is very tasty.I still cannoy forget the smell and taste of it.I also drove on an elephant.It is really big and I needed some to let myself to drove on it.

    Moreover,I also went to the palace.It is very big!!!The shape of it was very special too!

    I have bought some snacks to eat and bought a handbag for mum to celebrated her birthday also.

    I still cannot forget the trip which was going to Thailand.

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    (You can add some feeling by youseles!!!)

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