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    How does China propagandize the Japanese forces to compel the evil frequently to kill the Chinese cruelly, moreover the entire two war history concentrates is only molding and strengthens Japanese's evil surface, but, how entire does the field war attack, hits by who? These parts of inkings are very few. Certainly, concerns with the political issue. In brief, instills into a central thought only, the Japanese is very brutal to our ancestors, the body is a Chinese, should forever remember this section of hatreds, the Japanese forever owes us.

      Two fights the commemoration in every year in the activity, the Japanese objective point places commemorates Hiroshima to explode, Tokyo to bomb at greatly originally a kind of event, also unceasingly tells the descendant the Pacific War to initiate in US's petroleum blockade, to survive only then compels to have to sneak attack Pearl harbor. They process the history of aggression the technique, how understands the prominent Japanese to suffer hardships only, how pitiful, how to be bullied by the big powers.

    Compared with both countries processing identical section history's technique, both enlarge their tragic situation, took a moral high ground between both, was unceasingly redundant repeatedly speaks one's mind, did not have a look at others' opinion, the choice to make widely known some kind to be advantageous to the establishment high ground material. However, even if so, the Japanese also does is friends with compared to the Chinese, least others died everybody to record well-known, the Chinese that so-called 300,000 Nanjing victim, the appearance was all fuzzy.

    Therefore, both countries thought is extremely close, did not understand really now is why noisy so not quickly.

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    China has always promoted the cruelty of the Japanese Army towards Chinese people in its propaganda, and has focused in its WWII history only on shaping and reinforcing the evil of the Japanese. However, little has been mentioned about how the war was fought and who fought it. That, of course, was due to political considerations. All in all, (its WWII history) is based on the theme of emphasizing the Japanese's cruelty to our people and we, as Chinese, should never forget this enmity and that the Japanese are forever indebted to us.

    In the annual WWII memorial service, Japan has always put its focus on incidents such as the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and the bombing of Tokyo. Their post-war generations have been fed that the Pacific War started from the sneak attack of Pearl Harbour in which Japan had no choice as it struggled for survival as a result of America's oil embargo. The way they manipulated the hitory of their invasion emphasized the suffering and hardship of their people and how they were humiliated by international powers.

    Comparing the ways the two countries tells the same period in history, what is in common is that their own suffering was magnified for claiming the moral high ground, which is strengthened by claims repeatedly made without considering opinions from other points of view, and information selectively publicized. Nevertheless, the Japanese have done it better than us by at least recording the names of every victim, while the 300,000 killed in the Nanjing Massacre, as is claimed by China, are still nobody.

    As it is, the two countries are not so different in their mindsets and it is hard to comprehend how their relationship can become as difficult as it is today.

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