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請大家幫我翻一下這兩句 謝謝

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    I enjoy diverse/ different sorts of music, such as classical music as well as rock-and-roll. Also, I see sports shows. Generally, except for jogging, I am not good at sports though.

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    diverse 不同的、多樣的

    classical music 古典音樂

    rock-and-roll 搖滾樂、搖滾曲風

    sports+ 名詞 → "運動的..." (如跑車 sports car)

    except for 除了.... 之外

    not good at= poor at 不擅長...

    Except for jogging, I am not good at sports. 這樣便可

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    I watch sports shows/programs; however, I am not that good at sports, excluding jogging.

    however 然而 (表語氣轉折)

    exclude 除...之外

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    I love many different types of music, classic and rock, etc.


    I do watch sport TV program, but am not good at real sport activities, the only one I can do well probably is jogging.

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    I love to listen to music, classic and rock as well.

    I also like to watch sport program on TV. I am not good at sports, but I enjoy go jogging.

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    I like different type of the music...such as classical and rock-and-roll music...


    I watched sport program...but weak in sport...only expert at jogging


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