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    Last order has arrived and we received it at the end of Oct., thanks.

    We prepare to replace the product that has stopped producing with the X product. If this is ok (for you), we will continue the order in the future.

    We are not going to place the order this year because the exchange rate has increased as high as 15%.

    By the way, we plan to apply the Import Permit of rinse with medicine to our sanitary organization. We may need you to give us the permit number(你指的應該是許可證號吧) for the documents producing process and we will let you know at that time.

    Thank you very much.


    Source(s): myself as an English major, work in the foreign company
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    Dear ***

    We have received a last consignment on the end of October, thank you.

    We will prepare using**product to replace the production shut- down products. We will continue to place an order ,If you approve.

    As a result of the exchange rate increased to 15% recently. Therefore,we will not consider to place an order this year.

    We plan to apply that the hair dye includes the medicine licence with domestic hygiene unit. we need to make some of number papers. At that time, we will need your help. Thank you for your help.

    Yours sincerely

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    Dear Mr. xxx,

    Received the last order by the end of October with many thanks.

    We are preparing to take X product to replace the B product, if it's possible we will placed the order later.

    Due to the currency is up to 15% higher, we would not consider to place new order in this year.

    We plan to apply the permission of rinse gel from the bureau of public health, we will need your help to provide the number documents by then.

    Thanks for your attention toward this matter!!

    Best regards,


    Source(s): myself
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