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Why do my dog's anal glands leak at random times?

No matter how often I try to release them (which is very difficult because Boston terriers have inverted rectums), they still leak sometimes on my furniture, clothes, sheets, etc. There is definitely not an infection. It looks the way it is supposed to look and smells the way it is supposed to smell (yuck). I have tried different foods to make her stool more solid, thinking they weren't releasing properly when they are supposed to, but so far nothing has worked. She does it at random times. Like when she is licking her paws or chewing on a chew bone. Should I just take her to her vet every few weeks and have them do it?


By the way, when it happens, it's NEVER because she is scared. I know that that is normally the reason they do it, but with her, it's not. She just lets it go for no's awful.

Update 2:

She eats Nutro Senior small breed. I only feed my dogs Nutro. As a matter of fact, I do give my dogs meaty bones...often. I give them soup bones as well. I cook them first. I have researched the problem as much as I could, but she is old and only requires a yearly visit to the vet. She is technically my mother's dog, but I live next to her, and I have her 70% of the time. I'm also the one who always ends up taking her to her vet. I will ask him what to do next time.

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    What type of food have you used. I know that some people are told to use bran or psyllium for these problems but all that does is produce huge soft poop.

    Have you tried raw meaty bones? From asking others in the raw feeding community it seems that this is the most successful treatment. As the waste is firmer (though much smaller) the dog needs to push it out which clears the ducts naturally (sorry for the details but we are talking poop here!!)

    The usual ratio to feed is about 70-80% raw meat, 10-15% edible bone and 10-15% offal over the course of a week. If the glands become full, just feed quite bony meals for a few days. Raw drumsticks or chicken quarters are good as they are quite bony. This should help to clear them out again.

    NEVER feed cooked bones as these are not as digestible and may crack or splinter. Most soup bones are knuckles or other weight baring bones - these are too strong to be edible and may break your dogs' teeth. Think chicken, pork or rib bones instead. See the feeding guide for some more ideas ...

    Source(s): An article called 'Dogs are Carnivores" A feeding guide published by a vet who advocates raw feeding A website debunking some of the many myths regarding raw feeding and bones.
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    Sounds like an impacted anal gland. You already know what the problem is so I think you're smart enough to know what comes next! Oh yes, the fun part! Expressing the anal gland! What you need to do is squeeze the gland between your fingers from the outside and bleed out the most vile stuff you can imagine! If you can't do it (I don't blame you!), your vet can... Hey you'd do it if the dog was your kid!!

  • Anonymous
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    Dogs can also release them voluntarily.

    Well, semi-voluntarily.

    Usually it's when they're scared, stressed or fleeing bigger, meaner animals, but maybe she just gets relaxed and happy, and lets it go.

    I'd see a vet just to see if it's something that can be corrected. Maybe something is affecting the structures that hold the glands closed or something.

    Doggie diapers might be a long term solution.

    Good luck.

  • Anonymous
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    Shew! I Could not handel that. Weak stomach. I guess take it to the vet. I sure would rather them do it than me. Good luck

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    Even though you express them, they are performing their natural duties of expressing when scared or excited. Anal gland scent is what dogs use to mark their territory.

  • Yuzuki
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    Yes i would take her to the vet and let them release it.

  • Lizzie
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    1 decade ago

    I would find a local groomer to have it done there...they are cheaper than the vets office.

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