Your perfect world...?

There has been many fantasies about the perfect world, I know it's like physically impossible, but how do you fantasize your perfect world, is it sinless? does everyone get along with everyone else, are there still going to be conflicts/wars, is there going to be more than one civilization, what about countries, is everyone going to live in just one big place? How do you dream of your perfect world, how do you define it as? No limitation required, so express yourself the way you want it to...

God bless=)


@ maikah i agree with u 100% insha'alla we'll all get ther someday=)

Update 2:

@sshazzam: i dont agree with the first comment they r our brothers and sisters! (plz guys dont get mad @ comments like that) if u want peace then u should make peace within urself and love them as u love urself and others and maybe then there will be peace...

Update 3:

@ brandon: nam yekhty?


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    1 decade ago
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    My perfect world is in my mind me and God sitting at a table having lunch every day for the rest of eternity. Kinda...

    See thats how the day will begin, but then after lunch God will ask me what will I want to do. And then we'll do the most amazing things. Like watch the universe being created? Go visit some alien race we have now knowledge of. Play the greatest game of D&D ever. Watch movies, make movies. Go watch the lives of my relatives and see what things their life has to offer. Go visit those relatives, and then at the end of the day have a cup of coffee with him.

    maybe thats the perfect day...Im not sure count it if you want.

  • as a born again Christian (Baptist).I got born again when my father died , I was so unhappy before I became a Christian !

    But with the Christian walk as with other religions sometimes it can be hard to keep the faith and not stray.

    I wish there could be a perfect world , I live in America and altho I love my Country as people in Egypt love their Country,Its not a perfect Country!

    I do believe there is a devil ! for how could a man like Adolf Hitler and other Horrible leaders through out history do what they did they did !! I am a peaceful person and sometimes say to myself "If people were like me the world would be wonderful" But I do have my faults (nobodys perfect)

    to me the world is not getting any better! I sometimes have nightmares of (The End) Nuclear bombs and so on ! God I wish noone had them!!

    God Bless Everyone

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, in my world, people wont breed like rabbits. Rabbits wont breed like rabbits. There wouldnt be any wars and people would be nice to each other and nobody will get any diseases or parasites. eww. and everything would be vegetarian and there will be enough food so we dont eat all the plants and starve. and it will be all small villages and no litter and people will be as generous as people are on XD

    the geography would be pretty much the same but no hot, dry areas. and there will be no big cities, just simple little villages and lots of subways to get people around so nobody needs to buy 3 cars each...

    people wouldnt make fun of each other, men wont be nasty sexists like they are here. my grandparents wouldnt be racists. and the entertainment like tv and movies wouldnt be too violent or gorey and didnt show any inapropriate stuff..

    hmm... thats about all for now.. i might edit this later

  • 1 decade ago

    A world free of misunderstanding is the perfect world for me.

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  • 1 decade ago

    A perfect world is sinless, we get what we want, nobody gets hurt, and we know pleasure without having to know pain.

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    1 decade ago

    A peaceful one

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    4 years ago

    Hippy lady stated all of it. identity purely upload that there could be extra in charge dad and mom, much less hate crimes, stay for all being reguardless of race, and extra information with animal cruelty. i might elect to bypass to the medieval cases, like invoice and Ted so they could placed ME interior the Iron Maiden. LOL

  • 1 decade ago

    my perfect world to be practical is a world where wars dint exist,people always find common ground,where hate doesn't exists,people always find love, where sin is minimal,people dint commit crimes be it petty,criminal or corporate!!!...people just generally live in harmony but if you took away the human traits of greed,selfishness and hate,my perfect world would be achieved.

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    1 decade ago

    My perfect world...where you could trust other people. Where people aren't selfish and care about the welfare of each other. Where people don't try to screw you over for their own benefit. That's mine.

  • 1 decade ago

    My perfect world...

    -There would be no muslims/ no jihad.

    -The world would be united and at peace and would cooperate together in all matters.

    - No one would be left without health insurance. The poor would have the same health/dental benefits as the rich.

    -All peoples in the world would use alternative fuels and energies.

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