The Muslim Prayers?

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During Salah, what do you say when siting ater sujud? I know only part of it 'Atahiyatu lillah wa salawato wa taybat' Thats all i know. So, what is the full saying? Thanks a more
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  • Novan answered 6 years ago
Attahiyatu lilllah i wa assalawatu wa attaiyibat. Assalamu a'laika aiyoha'annabiyyu wa rahmatullah i wa barakatuh. Assalam u a'laina wa a'la ebadi e llahi essaliheen.
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  • Quiet Within answered 6 years ago
    Novan is right. And all of our brothers and sisters are. And I also found a few of salaf scholars(the Prophet Companions) narrate different saying, according to the tradition. It depends on how we want to express our humble prayers. But one thing, it must be within the proper teaching of the holy prophet(pbuh) himself.

    one not far different but I like personally,
    "Attahiyyatul mubaarakatus solawatutayyibatulillah, assalaamu'alaika aiyuhanna nabeeyu-warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh, assalamu'alaina wa'alaa eebadillah heesolihin"
    Ashaadu allaa ilaa ha illallah, wa ashaa du anna Muhammadarrasulullah"
    Allahumasoli'ala Muhammad wa 'alaa ali Muhummad, kamaa salaita'alaa Ibrahim wa 'ala ali Ibrahim,
    Wa bareek 'ala Muhammad wa ali Muhammad, Kama barakta Ibrahim wa 'ali Ibrahim, fil'alamiin innakahameeddom majeed."

    All honour, blessing, salutation and goodness is due to Allah, peace be upon you, o prophet, and Allah blessing be upon you, and peace be upon us and all the righteous servants of Allah.
    I bear witness that there is no god but Allah,
    and I bear witness that Muhammad is a Messenger of Allah.
    Allah salutation on Muhammad and his family, as were the salutation on Abraham and his family. And Allah Grace be upon Muhammad and his family, as were the Allah Grace for Abraham and his family. In all the worlds, Allah, Thou art Most Praiseworthy, Most Glorious.

    This is not slogans. This is how we pay respect and our devotion to Allah, and our prayers on behalf of the prophets. All of them. Those who don't understand what we are doing will say differently. The difference is clear as to whom are the right guided. Insha'allah.
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  • SouA answered 6 years ago
    Attahiyatu, atayibatu, asalawatu lillah, asalamu alayka ayuha anabiyu wa rahmatu allahi wa barakatuhu, asalamu alayna wa ala ibadu allihi assaliheen, ash-hadu anna la ilaha illa Allah wa ash-hadu ana Muhamadan abduhu wa rasuluhu.
    Allahumma salli wa sallim ala Muhammad wa ala ali muhammad kama sallayta ala Ibrahim wa ala ali Ibrahim innaka hameedun majeed, allahumma barik ala Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad kama barakta ala Ibrahim wa ala ali Ibrahim fil alameen innaka hameedun majeed
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  • daoudi o answered 6 years ago
    Attahiyatou lillahi wa zakiyatou wa tayibatou, wa salatou wa slamou alayka ayyouha nnabiyou wa rahmatou llahi ta3ala wa barakatouh, Ash hadou anna la ilaha illa llah wa anna mohammadan rasoulouhou wa 3abdouh.
    Allahouma salli ala sayidina mouhammadin wa 3ala ali sayidina mouhammadin, kama sallayta 3ala sayidina ibrahima wa 3ala ali sayidina ibrahim. wa barik 3ala sayidina mouhammadin wa 3ala ali sayidina mohammadin kama barakta 3ala sayidina ibrahim wa 3ala ali sayidina ibrahim, fi l 3alamin. innaka hamidoun majid

    Right side first . Assalamou 3alaykoum wa rahamatou llah.

    May god accept your prayers .
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  • Ruchjat K answered 6 years ago
    All quoted surahs (subtitle) in praying(shalat) are prayers and praise to Allah since the start of Al Fatihah and so on..We should say when sitting after sujud like this attakhiyatul lillah wa salawatu wa taybat lillah,ash hadu allah illaha ha illallah wa
    ashadu anna muhammadar rasulillah allah huma shali ala sayidina muhammad wa ala ali sayidina muhammad,kama shalaita ala sayidina ibrahim wa ala ali sayida ibrahim,allah huma shali ala muhammad wa ala ali sayidina muhammad
    ,kama barakta ala sayidina ibrahin=m wa ala ali sayidina ibrahim,fil alamina innaka hamidum majid.After that we should say assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh by moving our head to the right side and then once again to the left side..That is all
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