What is the best time to travel to Paris, France?

My family and I are thinking of traveling to Paris for my birthday in august, but we don't know how the weather is at that time of year. Any response is helpful.

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    Paris is best in the Spring , late April, early May. The weather is usually temporate, all the gardens are in bloom and the country side looks fabulous! Another consideration is the strength of the dollar vs. the Euro. which , at the moment, isn't so hot. The last couple of summers in Europe and France in particular have been very hot. That is according to my wife's cousin who has spent the last two summers there. So August is iffy.

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    You never know with the weather in Europe. They had a warm spring-like March and then a very cold and rainy June. I also believe that they have had some very hot weather in August in recent years and air conditioning isn't as common there as it is in the USA.

    The other thing to consider is the amount of tourists. June through August is the worst time to go to Paris if you hate crowds. I went this past June and the lines for the Eiffel Tower were so long that we decided to come back at night. At night it took us only 3 1/2 hours to tour the tower!! Also the traffic is horrendous. Almost all of Europe has a four week vacation in August and with the Euro and the European Union, travel for Europeans is even easier. One more thing, since August is in the high season for European travel, the airfare will be very high.

    The dollar is extremely low against the Euro right now, but if someone has offered to take you on a trip and you don't mind the crowds, then go and have a great time.

    Friends have told me that September is often a beautiful time to go to Paris and you won't have to deal with the crowds.

    Bon voyage!

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    Paris can be hot in August but not necessarily. Last year, it was raining all summer (and a magnificent weather in April). But usually the sun shines and it's rarely too hot to do anything. Parisians do go away in August but that doesn't mean the city is dead, it's just a bit more quite. And you've got "Paris plage" which is nice in Summer. You've got long chairs along the Seine, some sand, pools...Was made for Parisians who couldn't afford to go to the beach, so it's in Paris!

    If you want to celebrate your birthday in Paris, just go for it! The only time I'd advise you not to go is in the winter time, when it's all grey, cold and a bit sad (and you can't enjoy a drink at a table outside a café, which can be very pleasant with the nice days).

    I hope you'll have a good time, whenever you decide to come here.

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    I think a birthday in Paris would be delightful, and you're lucky to have a family that's thoughtful enough to take you there!

    Having said that, August is the hottest month in Paris, and it can be humid. Additionally, many Parisians head off on holiday during August, and there is a huge influx of tourists.

    Are these all necessarily bad things? It depends on your perspective. If it's hot and humid, there are many things to do indoors under airconditioning -- the Louvre and Les Invalides, to name just two, are "must sees" anyway. Will you miss the native Parisians? Probably not, assuming you aren't French. And as for all those tourists . . . well, YOU will be a tourist, won't you?

    If someone offers you a trip to Paris as a gift to celebrate your birthday, my recommendation is that you pounce on it. You don't get enough birthdays in life, and this will be one you'll always remember!

    Have a great trip!

    Kango Traveler

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    August is probably the worst time of year to visit Paris, for several reasons. Firstly it is susally the hottest month and also the one when a lot of tourists come to visit. What a lot of people dont realise however its also the month that Parisians take their annual break so the locals empty out into the rest of France leaving the tourists to it. As a result a lot of establishments shut and a lot of services are reduced , so you are going to lose a lot of the authentic flavour and put up with shoddier service.

    Really, Paris at any other part of the year is lovely but i would avoid August if at all possible.

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    Spring time for sure... April and May are the best months. The weather is great and while there will be a lot of people there, it's not impossible to walk down the streets like during the summer.

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    take the Eurostar ! So you start from the middle of London and arrives in the middle of Paris. Easy, comfortable and fast. Have a nice time.

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