got 1st DUI in IL, missed court date what happens now?

I’m under 21 and got my first DUI in lake county, IL. I agreed to take the sobriety test, passed and was told that I had to take the chemical breath test (blew a 0.07), my bail was $3,000 dollars but only paid 10% ($100?) to leave the station. I was given a court date but due to unexpected car trouble was unable to attend and could not call the judges clerk in advance. I was sent a letter that said I had forfeited my bond of $1,000 due to my absence, and if I don’t appear and surrender on the next court date, I enter judgment for the amount of my bond. What’s going to happen at court?

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    Depending on the state law in IL. and in your state, you may be responsible for the bond for the full amount, and possibly have an arrest warrant issued against you in Lake County, IL. and might be subject to arrest in your home state. You also risk the possibility of not being able to get or renew your driver's license until you have paid the outstanding bond. If I were you, I would get some serious legal counsel on this issue and see if they can help you. But, do yourself a favor and get this resolved as quickly as possible before it gets worse. You don't want to have an arrest warrant haunting your life at this age because it will have a bad effect on finding a good job in the future. If you get it resolved quick enough, you might get this conviction expunged (washed off) from your record. Again, get a lawyer to find out what can be done.

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    They are going to hammer you. Once you passed the field sobriety test you shoulndt have taken the breath o lizer. There would have been absolutely no case against you. Even with that low of a reading you could have gotten a lawyer and gotten off. That is pretty much out the window now.

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    I live in Iowa and I got one. It's probably the same: If you go to court like you are supposed to, they will let you do your two days whenever you want (within reason). I did mine on the weekend, when I wasn't working. I got a 1000 dollar fine plus 30% (county added fee) plus court costs, and have to do a class and lawyers fees (about $2,000.00 when said and done).

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    Jail time knucklehead.

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