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Is the Armageddon's current card strong?

Do you think this card will entertain you enough to spend $40 for? And your picks for the PPV.

Keep in mind theese are the announced matches.

More could possibly come

Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho (WWE Championship)

I think this will be a okay match not the match of the night Im pretty sure Orton will win to continue this but I want Y2J

Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

This will be the best match of the night i bet, two in ring vets with, hey hes not good but the fans klove him so it will be loud. Im hoping to see Edge come strong as a heel champ to make people anxious for taker and tista to get it again

Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy

It should be okay, quite possibly the highlight of the night if they both can get in the right grove, Im hoping WWE might realize that Jeff is the future but HHH probaly will squash him

Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. Kennedy

I see Shawn Micheals comin through to promote the DVD

Finlay vs. The Great Khali




Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix

Im glad Mickie is back in the picture but im starting to feel Beth is more talk than walk, suplexes are great but who wants another monster in WWE? Espically one that can lower the quality of DIVA matches? I hope Mickie will come through and the her and melina could do a program, it could go either way

I think that there are a few matches on the card that might be great but it is a little card really, still no INT CW US matches

its in the middle

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    no its gonna be an awesome great ppvs! Triple Threat match and WWE championship! Also Hardy vs Triple H and possibly Rey vs MVP!Finlay vs khali is gonna be funny and Mickie vs Beth is gonna be a decent match and also HBK vs Kennedy would be good!

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    Jeff Hardy is not *the* future. I don't really understand why the kids keep saying this. He's entertaining, and he will get title shots soon, but he does not have the personality, mic skills, or even technical wrestling ability to be a main-status leader like Triple H, Angle, or Jericho.

    But yes, the card is very strong.

  • You are contradicting yourself.You say Armageddon's current card is strong but then you said that most of the matches are OK like Y2J/Orton and Triple H/Jeff Hardy.

    Make your mind, but in all is one of the best ppv's in the year and with thr 15 year anniversary, will pave the way for one of the greatests year in WWE history, 2008.

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    Randy Orton vs. Y2j idk Chris should bring back the walls but i give it a 4/5

    Triple Threat will be good i give it a 3.75/5

    HHH vs. jeff will be good but i wonder maybe a 3.5

    HBK vs. Kennedy will be 4.5/5

    Finlay vs. Khali if Khali loses i give it a 3

    Beth and Mickie 2.5

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    No it's just some thrown together matches.

    Nothing special

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    the ppv does look good enough to buy

  • 1 decade ago

    i'm getting the pay per view

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