pit bull laws?

Recently i have noticed a huge increase in the amount of pit bulls in my small town, it seems like everyone has one and everywhere i look i see more for sale. they roam the town freely and are free to intimidate everyone. we only have one dog catcher and our town has about 5 thousand people. i know of at 4 attacks in the last year becuase they were in the paper and i have heard of many more. they are killing cats and other dogs as well. what can i do to get the county to consider a ban on pit bulls?

P.S- i don't want to hear about how great you think they are i just want an answer.


i have a border collie who was never taught to heard but she does it to everthing rabbits, cats, other dogs, kids. some things are bred into animals

Update 2:

the question was : what can i do to get the county to consider a ban on pit bulls. not is it genetic or the owners. and not wouldn't it be fun to shoot dogs?

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    Go to a city council meeting and voice your concerns. Call city hall to find out when the next city council meeting is. The meetings, or at least a portion thereof, should be open to the public. Also, write an editorial letter to your local newspaper.

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    If these dogs are roaming, then they have no owner and that is an issue, not the fact that their breed is some type of pit bull.

    Pit bulls are not bad dogs, they are only as bad as their owners. Bad people who want to train dogs for fighting gravitate toward the pit bull breed, but that doesn't mean the breed is aggressive. In fact, they are not people aggressive, but they can be toward other animals. But since you don't care, you just wanna know how you can punish the "bad pit bulls" who have "at least 4 attacks in the last year". Pit bulls are dogs, plain and simple.

    Why don't you people make laws for all stray or aggressive dogs instead of hyping up the "pit bull" part? Have you ever seen a pit bull attack anything? I doubt it. You've only heard or read it somewhere.

    The fact is there is always a breed of dog the general public views as vicious and scary. It used to be Dobermans and Rottweilers. Now it's Pit Bulls. Next it may be German Shepherds and Chihuahuas (very scary!)

  • G T
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    I know of one small town that any loose pit bulls can be shot by a citizen (using care not to endanger anyone) if roaming alone.

    Its too bad that more towns don't have this law. I think at least every town or city should have a law that any pit bull caught roaming alone will be destroyed by the pound immediately.

    As people mentioned that the owners be held accountable, unfortuantely, vicious pit bulls are owned by low income scumbags that don't have any liability. Maybe they should be put to sleep instead of the dog!

    And yes I've seen a pit bull and rottweiler attack a lady pushing a baby carriage a couple of house away from me. As I was running towards them to shoot them they ran away and left the lady alone.

  • 4 years ago

    If somebody like, say the law enforcement officials, regarded at your canines and concept it replaced right into an excellent pit bull or massive pit bull combination then yeah the regulation covers you men. somewhat the regulation provides the canines warden authority to confirm in the experience that your canines is a pit or a mix thereof. From my expertise this regulation would not merely prepare to pit bulls anyhow. It applies to all potential "combating breed" or "risky breed" canines. SO dobermans are below fire, as are rottweilers, cane corsos, etc. etc. you already know, each and all the canines breeds that are those maximum commonly implicated in assaults that consequence in serious incapacity or loss of life of a baby or person.

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    Ok. The tl;dr version of this answer is: Nothing.

    The long version follows:

    (Prewarning - I have owned pits in the past, but do not at this point. They're just another breed of dog.)

    Out of those attacks you mention, how many pits do you estimate are in your county? Now, how many dogs in general?

    If you were to go dig up those statistics, you'd see that the problem is not the breed of dog, but the idiots refusing to control them.

    Banning pit bulls will do nothing except piss off a lot of legitimate owners. What I'd do in your situation is petition for tighter enforcement (and greater penalties for violators) of leash laws. (And get them to hire more animal control people!) Dogs running around is asking for trouble, breed notwithstanding.

  • Mother
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    Why would you want to be a part of killing thousands of dogs? What do you think happens to dogs that are banned from towns? If homes cant be found else where for them they are destroyed. Lets hold the owners responsible here and not the dog.

  • Lisa E
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    You won't be able to ban them from the entire country. It's a state to state regulation. All you can do is write to your state representatives, or get a petition going.

    There may ALREADY be leash laws in your area. Most places don't allow dogs to roam freely, no matter the breed. You could complain to your city council that you A) need leash laws, or B) that they need to be more diligent about enforcing them!

  • J.
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    Im not going to rant about how great I think I am. It's how pathetic I think you are.

    You cant be serious. Any well educated person on the subject is going to know how nieve you are being. A dog is not just born bad. There nor just "roaming the town" because there bored. Chances are they have no where to go and if so are not being taken care of by there owners.

    Frickin get a life. Or move.

    How would you like someone to ban people because they are "roaming the town".

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You dogs have a right to rome and only like less then 200 people were attacked out of the 6 or 7 billion so dont hate them this is a stupid question

  • 1 decade ago

    thats like saying, i hear that "blacks" are killing more and more citizens, i want to ban them all.

    sorry come to reality, u can't do that, so dont do it to animals either. They are nice dogs, and its not the dog, its the owner. Its your towns fault, not the dogs. How did the dogs get there? not by themselfs, by someone.

    leave the things alone dont ban them. Its wrong, and cruel

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