I bought a property in a city tax sale. Can I legally collect collect rent from the tenants.?

Bought property in a new orleans tax sale. I am in doubt as to my legal rights to collect rent from the current tenants , as well as how to serve notice that I must receive said rent. May I make renovations under these terms on an occupied residence.

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    You haven't really bought a property yet, since Louisiana law provides three YEARS for the delinquent owner to pay you back those taxes you paid at the tax sale, and reclaim ownership to the property.

    The law also provides that the delinquent owner must pay you for improvements you make to said property, so be sure to keep a good record of what you spend on improvements.

    Given those criteria and rules, I would venture that you might also owe back to the owner any rents you collected from the property in that period, should the owner decide to reclaim the property.

    Check with legal counsel on the last part.

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