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What do you think of these Trades for the Mets?

Since the Mets are mostlikely not going to get Santanna the Mets should look at Haren or Bedard.

Mets get:

SP Eric Bedard

Oriles get:

P Aaron Heilman

OF Carlos Gomez or OF Ryan Church

SP Phillip Humber or SP Mike Pelfrey


Mets Get:

SP Dan Haren

Oakland gets:

OF Carlos Gomez or OF Ryan Church

P Aaron Heilman

C Johnny Estrada

RP Joe Smith or Mike Pelfrey

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    The Bedard deal would benefit the Orioles a bit too much. If we gave them Pelfrey and Heilman I'd like it.

    The Haren deal should trade just Heilman, Estrada, and Pelfrey.

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    dont get ur hopes up

    church is 29 years old nd has been in the majors for 4 years he is no prospect think about it he nd some1 else was traded for lastings (horrible deal)

    heilman is the only proven guy in ur trade nd its not enough 2 get bedard, the orioles dont need 2 trade him nd the mets kinda need gomez cause lastings is gone

    2nd trade I think haren will go2 the red sox for crisp, lester, nd one more prospect which is a better deal than urs. Pelfrey has sucked, smith didnt have a good year nd the mets need him in the pen, every1 knows the mets r dumping him , he is not a prospect, he is good but the A's already have a catcher, church is no prospect, they may be interested in gomez but its not enough

    2 get one of those guys they will have to give up both Martinez, Gomez, nd a pitching prospect like kevin mulvey (itll be better for the mets to keep their prospects)

    Pelfrey nd Humber need 2 prove themselves this year before talking about trading them

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    properly thankfully you at the instant are not the Mets GM as we could be fu*ked with you making bargains like this. Beltran is 30 and is greater beneficial than any of the different gamers in this deal and green remains a contributor who brings solid veteran experience. Griffey is a walking harm in his previous due 30's who's a rattling primadonna. faster or later he will step out of the bathe incorrect and injure his hamstring yet lower back. Do you not keep in mind his refusal to settle for a commerce to the Mets interior the previous??? Why the f could we desire him if he does not want us? And Adam Dunn is this decade's version of Rob Deer, a guy who will hit a great HR and then strike out the subsequent 5 circumstances on the plate. could desire to the Mets make this commerce? F*CK NO!!!!!!

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    I'm hoping we can hold on to Church and especially Heilman. I think they should deal both Pelfrey and Humber along with Gomez. Bedard is preferable to Haren to me though.

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    It's too hard to put much faith in "can't miss, five-tool players" when it comes to the Mets. I like Milledge and think he's got the talent to be an All-Star someday, but I also remember names like Gregg Jeffries, Daryl Strawberry, Alex Escobar, Dave Magadan, and Jay Payton. They should absolutely NOT trade Pelfrey, Mulvey, or Humber.

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    Both good trades, but I dont think the A's would have any interest in Estrada and I dubt the Orioles would pick Church over Gomez

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    Both of those sound fair if it is gomez instead of church, he is too much of a fringe player for those two teams to send an ace for. how about the mets dangle john maine just to shove it in the orioles face that they once had him?

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    ...neither one will happen, and why would you trade Pelfrey, and Humber???

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