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Im always wet down there but there??

Im always wet down there and these past few days it has gotten really really bad to the point were my panties have gotten soaking wet all over. i was wondering will it lighten up or what. and why has it gotten so bad?

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    As long as there is not an odor, discoloration or itching--it is normal vaginal discharge. Some women simply have more then others. When you ovalate the discharge seems to increase--and is mostly clear and gel-like.

    Wear a panty liner. Take a shower daily paying close attention to your vaginal area.

    You may have to shower more then once a day.

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    Most common reason for vaginal D/C is hormonal changes.

    BUT.... it could be other things... I need more info please.

    > is there an odor?

    >is there a color?

    > are you irritated down there? Itching, burning?

    if you are sexually active and there is odor or color to the D/C it could be something more.

    Give me more details and I will help you out! Good luck

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    Try wearing a pantyliner or pad to soak it all up, your body is just cleaning itself out relly well. =]

    good luck

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    It is depend to your age group to define what the problem you have it may cause by some reason as body reaction,with medication, feeling, reading or watching movie...etc....

    If it getting worse you should seek the advice from doctor

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    um its called discharge ?

    i dont think you can do anything.

    some of us just have it.


    (its normal)

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    sounds nice you should probably eat more healthy or it might be an aging thing besides that hit me up on myspace we should talk you sound sexy

  • 1 decade ago

    its becauses you want sex! dont u know? hehe. it must be making you perverted right now.

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