Cream Cheese/Crescent Roll Tree?

Hey out there! I am desperate to find a recipe I had last year. It was a tree made out of sliced crescent rolls and the "frosting" was cream cheese and cool whip. Decorated with fruit.

I know I can count on ya'll!



Kaidi, I know what you mean about elusive. I made this recipe several times last year and have no clue where I got it or what I did with it.

It isn't terribly sweet at all, and I garnished it with fruit to look like a decorated christmas tree.

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    I searched, literally, for a couple of hours, but couldn't find the exact recipe you were looking for. (I have an ulterior motive - I don't like sweet sweets and this sounded like it wasn't - lol.)

    This is the closest I could come:

    Doesn't include Cool Whip but otherwise is a Christmas Tree made with Crescent Rolls and Cream Cheese.

    You can also get Pillsbury's instructions for arranging a tree at - I'd give ya the specific link, but it's a SAVORY recipe, and I didn't want ya to think I was nuts.

    Here is a recipe for cream cheese/cool whip frosting:

    I'm wondering - couldn't you use the shaping directions from Pillsbury, the crescent roll quantity from the first recipe, and the frosting from the last link and just do your own? Complex sounding, I know, but boy, I haven't had a recipe elude me like this!

    And...if you do find the recipe before we do, could you post a link on your question? :D


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