floating population in china?

what is floating population?

what are some solutions (or possible solutions) to the issue of floating population in china?

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    a floating population is a subsect of the particular nation that, for reasons usually economic in nature, migrates to urban areas for higher wage work than that which could be found in the countryside. this population differs from typical migrant workers due to the fact there are laws that prevent their permanent settling in the urban areas.

    there being no clear census of the floating population of the PRC, estimates can range from 100 million to 300 million.

    solutions? well, that depends on who you ask. the CCP fears the floating population, as their vast numbers present a clear and present danger to the governments survival. factory owners, both domestic and foreign, would prefer the status quo, as that keeps an incredible and dynamic labor pool at the ready. Im sure the members of this population themselves, however, would prefer not to leave their families and either have plentiful job opportunities in their own regions, or a return to simple and sustainable agrarian practices, free from government intervention and family planning.

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    I don't see why floating populations is a problem, but I guess if you tie an anchor or some heavy object to them, they'd sink...

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    It is the population that have been in boats or have sucked helium.

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