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Anonymous asked in TravelUnited StatesNew York City · 1 decade ago

Moving to NYC in 9 months?

I made the decision about 2 weeks ago to move to the BIG APPLE!!! I've already started my research into apartments just to get an idea of average prices on 2 bedroom apartments. I've also been researching safe areas of different boroughs to keep my options open, checking out the subway system, and even some safety tips to living in the city. I have two questions that I'm having a hard time finding on the internet:

1.) I have been in the restaurant business for 5 years now with banquet waitress and a la carte training in a moderately formal setting. Obviously Manhattan would be the place to work. What restaurants or banquet halls should I look into? How much would I make per hour or on an average shift a night?

2.) I am already thinking of saving money because I have a few months to get a head start! I have the luxury of living at home with minimal rent and expenses, so saving shouldn't be a problem. Should I open a cd account to maximize my saving?

Thank you for all your answers

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  • 1 decade ago
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    hey there, ok, I am from NYC ....was there for about 18 years .....I've just move to St Louis.

    I still love NYC, I left pretty much everything, music, movies, bars, life, culture, central park, 5th ave, music label and bank jobs, greenwich village, Hunter's Point, Fort Tryon Park, DUMBO (google it), PS1,,,, off off broadway shows, time warner building, concerts, friends, bars/venues where my fav singers performed, places where all the movies are shots, ....anyway I love to give you any inputs ....

    google the names will see what I mean. Use those links...couple of my fav resturants.

    2 BR will be about $1700+ in Manhattan. If you are single you are better off with a 1 big BR or studio apt, which will be $1100 or so in Manhattan. My gf's sister lives in Manhattan (76th and 3rd), pays about that much for a studio. Manhattan will be very 3x expensive. For long as I have known and lived NYC ....all the people who are in the service industry...they tend to live in Astoria (Queens), Long Island City (Q), Brooklyn, Sunnyside (Q) Washington Hts (near columbia U) ...all those Q places I mentioned....they are pretty much safe neighborhoods ....(if you want to get in to the convo about race/diversity and how it effects the neighborhood...I'd love to give you indepth me

    anyway, where are you living now? why the move to NYC? You are in for an awesome adventure....

    Not for me ...though....I moved St Louis earlier this year with my gf, who also lived NYC for three years. She is originally from IL....anyway....would love to help ask away.

    Save a lot of $$$, CDs are good idea. you will be using the subway no matter where you are in nyc, therefore, monthly metrocard will be $80. Lunch? Noone have time to eat lunch in nyc....everyone is on the GO!!! ...There you will walk into fast food places....but here in midwest thru culture....anyhow, I can go forever.

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    OK honey! 9 months - you have really not throught this through. In your line a work (dime a dozen) those jobs are filled by College students and working actors. 9 months are you trying to move here when everything becomes ridioulcs expensive (rent wise) Why are you searching for a 2 bed room?

    Do you plan on keeping your car? You might want to think of working in one of the Boros or on the island. NYC is the best place in the world to live but your game plan does not sound solid!

    Think more about it. And really work on your skills. As far as your job hunt I would seriously get a job at your local marriott in the banquets department and transfer over when the time is right.

    Good Luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    NYC is a hard place to live in. I would check out jerico terrace for a position there or possible a ritzy hotel in the city, Business class. 2 bd rooms go from 1200-1800 + in NYC Good Neighborhoods. I wish you luck I would not open a business just yet until you have lived here for a bit and get the hang of the town. I would hold off makin any large investments any time soon after moving to NYC your going to need all the money u can get just living here. Good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    As someone who lived and worked in 'the city' I can give you a few hints.

    Don't live in a numbers street that starts in the 100 like 101st and don't live west of 7th Avenue.

    The best place to live if you can afford it is the 60 to 90 street on the east side like around 1st Avenue to Lexington.

    Why? It is a safe area and easy transportation to get anywhere in the city fast and have some great places to eat.

    The village and So-Ho is nice but expensive.

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  • 1 decade ago

    So, you are planning to move to New York City. Great! Here is what you need to do.

    First, ask yourself, “Do I really need to move to NYC?” If you answered no or is unsure then visit NYC until you are sure.

    Second, ask yourself, “Where am I going to live?” If you don’t know where, you better start hunting for an apartment.

    Third, ask yourself, “What happens when I need help?” If you don’t know then, you will have to start looking for friends n NYC. A great start is to visit

    Fourth, ask yourself, “How am I getting there?” You have to save up to pay for your moving expense and storage.

    Fifth, ask yourself, “Will I be able to get a job?” No money from a job and soon your savings will be finished and you will be out on the streets and in the cold. Friends will come in handy then to help find jobs and for a quick loan should you become short.

    Sixth, ask yourself, “Can I go back to where I moved from?” Most people move back when things get rough here so don’t burn your bridges and keep in touch with old friends.

    Seventh, ask yourself again question one again. If you no problems saying “Yes” then welcome New York City.

    Hope that helps,


  • lacie
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    5 years ago

    Its concern-free getting a job in nyc, yet getting settled 1st, is significant. I suggets a minimum of three,000 usd. That way you would be risk-free and sense stable in a rented residence. whether you cant detect a job in what you're finding for authentic now, merely get something, to pay for lease/food/etc. something will stick to. I wish you the better of success!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    call me or e-mail me whenever. I live in NYC and would love to meet you.

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