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Anonymous asked in SportsFootball (American) · 1 decade ago

Should the Alaska universities have football teams?

I want to know what people think of the two main Alaskan schools, University of Alaska Fairbanks (whose athletics are the Alaska Nanooks) and University of Alaska Anchorage (whose athletics are the Seawolves) having football teams. Also tell me if they should be in a heated dome or outside in the frigid Alaskan cold. I am somewhat serious and somewhat joking with the question so answer it whatever you like.


Well that is obvious but what about Hawaii? They have a team. Do you know how many miles they have logged in in flying to their away games? 24,133 miles. That is a fact I got while watching the Hawaii-Boise State game on ESPN2 two weeks ago.

Update 2:

Your right amgolf27. They will not be in a major conference or mid-major because the two schools compete in Division II athletics except for hockey (both schools), rifling (UAF only), and gymnastics (UAA only) where they are Division I. They would most likely compete in Division II if they did have football.

Update 3:

guns1965, Alaska Anchorage has an enrollment of 19,921 students while Alaska Fairbanks has an enrollment of 9,681 students both good enough to host a football team.

Source: The schools official websites at: and

Update 4:

G, there are not that many schools in the Far West that have a football program in Division II. The only Far West schools are Humboldt State, Central Washington, Western Washington, Western Oregon, and Dixie State College.

Source: I attend a D-II school (Grand Valley State) so I should know about D-II schools. Plus my school's football team just played Central Washington in a playoff game this past Saturday. Man it was freezing!

Update 5:

Chief and Nachos, of course they would not be able to put an entire American football field in Sullivan Arena as that it is an arena not a dome. Here is what Anchorage should do: build a dome, called The Igloo, have artificial snow fall down, and have the temperature at freezing to throw off the away team. That would be perfect!

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    I lived in Anchorage for a while and spent a year going to UAA so I have some personal insight on this. Football wouldn't sell, the schools would lose vast amounts of money on a football program. To start with, there are no existing facilities that could handle a football game. Anchorage has the Sullivan Arena, but it's almost too small for the Arena League football games that are played there. No way they could put a full sized field in that dome - and that's the biggest facility in the state. Outdoor football wouldn't fly, especially in Fairbanks. It can be 20 or 30 below in November up there. There isn't a big enough fan base (only about 50,000 people live in and around Fairbanks) to draw people out to watch a football game in that kind of weather. Hockey and basketball (indoor sports) will always be the sports of choice up there.

    Problem with building a dome in Anchorage is that there is literally no place to put it. Anchorage is surrounded by mountains on 3 sides, water on the other and is packed tight already. It would have to be put out in the valley north of town and would probably be about an hour drive from Anchorage - not exactly great for drawing college football fans. I like the artificial snow idea though.

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    Alaska Football

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Should the Alaska universities have football teams?

    I want to know what people think of the two main Alaskan schools, University of Alaska Fairbanks (whose athletics are the Alaska Nanooks) and University of Alaska Anchorage (whose athletics are the Seawolves) having football teams. Also tell me if they should be in a heated dome or outside in the...

    Source(s): alaska universities football teams:
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    The short answer is, they should have teams if they want to, and not if they don't. On a practical note, even in Alaska there are places where they have open ground at least part of the year, so football is at least theoretically possible. Anchorage at least has a large facility which could be expanded; Fairbanks would be starting from scratch.

    Best guess - Anchorage will probably add football at some point, Fairbanks is less likely to have enough demand to justify the cost.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site you mean hockey??? We have no college football team. Our Arena Football team is the Alaska Wild, our state Hockey team is the Aces. University of Alaska Anchorage are the Seawolves, University of Alaska Fairbanks are the Nanooks...but no, no college football team

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    WTF people??? Of course AK can have collegiate football. I can order a pizza in Bethel and deliver it to any soggy bottom place in the unorganized burrough, I can field a summer league collegiate football league with 4-5 teams... Alaska doesn't have to fit into the divi I, ii, or iii... They can call it division I for Anchorage and play FBS... Hek, Brookings SD has a Pop of 20k and has an FBS Div I Team.. I think Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneu could do the same... Call it Division I (Alaska)... I think people are not only being narrow on this, they are outright missing the point altogether... Thank-you and good-day... Seawolf football rules!!!!

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    Alaska Nanooks

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    Your best answer is FULL of HOLES....I also lived in Anchorage , well, Eagle River and I say Football would work out just fine. If marketed would provide an economic BOOST to the area. Ask any motel owner, restaurant GM, waiter and waitress, gas station owner, if he makes money when a D1 OR D2 football team comes to town. It is a LOCAL event...people will come to games. Anchorage crowded? I will agree, but you dont need square miles of real estate... Wasilla? Eagle River? Girdwood? all has enough land! I also lived in Dallas Texas.... people will drive if there is something to see. not a football fan. You base your answers on your opinions not those of others.

    POpulations too small???? Really. The Auburn Tigers.... Auburn Alabama pop 56,908. Mississippi State - Starkeville MS- pop 23,888....Univ of MS- Oxford MS, pop 20,088. Thats SEC Football and they consistantly sell out 60000 plus weekly.

    Wait you mentioned D2... ok try these numbers on for size...Spearfish SD- 10,494....Chadron, Nebraska 5,844...Monticello Arkansas, 9,778.... need I go on? These dinky towns have WHAT?? FOOTBALL.

    THE ROOT PROBLEM IS FOOTBALL SEASON AND FISHING SEASONS COLLIDE. I bet if the universities marketed it right...raffle off some drift boats....snow machines...or fishing/hunting gear...they will have no problem selling tickets. The city could tear down the Sully...or expand it! Sme with the Carlson Center in FBanks!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It would be good for the universities should have it. it would help make the sport in the state more popular. but they would have to play canadain schools do to the travel to alaska no other universitys would want to travel up there. it needs to be heated so that you can play football in the fall and early winter months,

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    Having lived there, I can assure you there isn't the love for football like there is for hockey and basketball. Maybe due to the playing outside in the cold option...An indoor football field for every HS and both universities would be expensive and a waste of $$$. I just don't see it happening. Alaksans shouldn't have to pay out of state tuition to play football either, so???.

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