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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceOther - Business & Finance · 1 decade ago

real life examples of 'I.T Project Failures' - know of any folks ?

Theres got to be countless examples of over-budgeted, poorly managed, under-resourced, under-budgeted, over-outsourced, under-skilled project team, poor anticipated financial gains/customer demand blah blah blah - i want REAL life examples from around the world (the best ones and most shocking ones please) of projects , I.T if possible (but others such as engineering proj. examples are welcome too) that have gone horribly wrong - or just not 'gone' anywhere heh.

name and shame them please, i've yet to consider embarking into the project management field of work, as im a student - so i kind of think that its impossible to 'learn project management' inside a classroom , para-phrasing/memorising textbooks and lecture notes , and that one must venture out into the real world and be part of the big picture.

so cmon, name n shame em folks :-)

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    Check the IT Project Failure blog at ZDNet (reference provided) for many, MANY such examples. Estimates are that about 70% (!) of IT projects are not a success (although not all of them are spectacular failures). It's a field ripe for innovation.

    Just a sample - from the ZDNet UK, the top 10 IT project failures:

    1. Faulty Soviet early warning system nearly causes WWIII (1983)

    2. The AT&T network collapse (1990)

    3. The explosion of the Ariane 5 (1996)

    4. Airbus A380 suffers from incompatible software issues (2006)

    5. Mars Climate Observer metric problem (1998)

    6. EDS and the Child Support Agency (2004)

    7. The two-digit year-2000 problem (1999/2000)

    8. When the laptops exploded (2006)

    9. Siemens and the passport system (1999)

    10. LA Airport flights grounded (2007)

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