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How do i defend my self from spouse in court???

me and my husband separated 2 months ago , he treated me really bad because i had fund out i was pregnant and then had a misscarrige, i try to call him to get the rest of my stuff but he ignore me, he dont want me to come arounsd so he serve me a injuction on domestic abuse! this has mothing to do with he not wantting me around, and he was the one that use to abuse me ! i dont get i have a court date intwo weeks and on the staement he wrote that i scratch , slap , and curse at him at his job and the house and text messages, okay i never physical abuse him those things on the statement are false....the only thing that is true is yes i did text him mean things but he did too! should i be worried going to court? how should i defend myself? i really dont want to get charged for things that is false, and plus why in the world would he do that injuction over domestic abuse if i left him 2 months ago/??? can some one really help me!!!


kay my other question is.... tomorow is the court date so is there whe i see the judge to tell him my side of the story or will i just go for an arraignment?

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    You can handle this without hiring a lawyer.

    But you shouldn't.

  • LucySD
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    You need to remember........and repeat to yourself daily.........

    I am worth more than this, I am worth more than, I am worth more than this.

    I deserve better than this, I deserve better than this, I deserve better than this.

    Then pick up the pieces of your life and move on making sure not to step to that level again...the one where revenge is important to you rather than your self worth.

    Good Luck!

    This is what they do in my state, don't know about yours.

    First of all the charges are abuse and to stay away from him and the premises (the place where you use to live) You have not been arrested according to what you say. Probably you will both go before a judge and tell both sides of the story.


    DO NOT INTERRUPT the spouse no matter how much you want to, when he is telling his side of the story. The judge won't like it and it will make you look bad .

    Then tell your side of the story. Your spouse will call you a liar and a tramp and interrupt everytime you open your mouth. LET HIM! Then he can look bad!

    Good Luck and always remember what I said about being and deserving more than what you got from the marriage and from him.

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  • ?
    Lv 4
    5 years ago will see that judges comprehend how those varieties merely be trouble-free, and attempt to no longer get indignant or cry. the guy is a administration freak, a manipulator and the fake statements are his way of in seek of revenge to your leaving him. case you haven't any longer have been given young little ones, that's going to be much less confusing. in case you're intimidated by using the appearance he delivers in courtroom, tell the baliff, he will place him away. additionally get an escort from the courtroom on your motor vehicle in a while. solid success, and powerful determination to flow away if he's abusive.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because he is an idiot like my ex husband

    Just go in and tell the real story and dont give more information the necessary ONLy answer questions dont offer to much information

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