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Structures Question?

A two storey steel framed building with a flat roof is 20m long by 20m wide with a floor to floor height of 3.5m. The structural grid is at 5m centres in each direction. The ground floor is non structural, being ground supported. First Floor and roof construction are as follows:

20mm asphalt plus insulation (roof only)

100mm concrete screed on

200mm precast concrete hollowcore slabs with services and a suspended ceiling below.

The first floor is to be used for open plan general office space while the roof is accessible to staff for smoking. All steel beams and columns may be assumed to weigh 80kg per metre length.

Using the load data attached, neglecting any wind load:

(i) Sketch a structural layout plan and cross-section of building with the structural grid.

(ii) Calculate the ultimate load acting on a typical loaded beam.

(iii) Calculate the service load on a typical internal column.

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