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Why and in what conditions do you believe that the historical Jesus became the center idea of Christianity?

I would like some answers from a historical point of view and not a religious one. Thank you.


to I don't know: As far as I have learned English language requires capitalisation of the first letter in the cases of names of persons and names of religions, regardless of the subjectivity related to what the actual names convey.

The same goes with 'god' and 'God', the first word relates to any given male deity, while the second one shows the particular god named, humm.....God :-? Capitalisation is a simple grammar rule and not a way of expressing beilef.

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    1 decade ago
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    The earliest writings that we have today are from Paul and he makes it clear that he believed and taught people about Jesus. If we study Paul we realise that there are four different pictures of Paul in the New Testament. The one that I believe is authentic is the 'radical' Paul as shown in his letters to Romans, 1-2 Corinthians, Galatians, Philippians, 1 Thessalonians and Philemon.

    But from his writings and elsewhere we know that there were disciples of Jesus already operating in various places before these letters were written. Indeed letters like 2 Corinthians are aimed at opponents who were claiming to be proclaiming Jesus but Paul thought they had not got it right.

    Later these other strands of very early Christianity resulted in writings which have, to put it mildly, different emphases to Paul - such as the Johannine writings.

    So we can say with reasonable certainty that Jesus became the central idea of Christianity before Paul. On the other hand if we study the teachings of Jesus, I think it is reasonable to believe that he thought he was promoting a radical Judaism so historically I think it is most likely that Christianity came from the cauldron of different movements with Judaism

    Source(s): In search of Paul - Crossan and Reed - 2004 published in the UK by SPCK and in th US by HarperCollins
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Jesus did not become a deity/messiah etc until some years after he was killed by the Romans. The irony is that while alive, he was a practising Jew, and he died a Jew.

    Paul, who did so much to develop and spread Christianity, never actually met Jesus. Constantine later realised that he could use Christianity to unify the people; he ordered that all the statues of the old deities be removed and he commissioned artwork based around Christianity to replace them. Interestingly, Constantine himself never actually became a Christian.

  • Cimon
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    1 decade ago

    From what we know about Jesus and his teachings,He had

    not even imagined that someone would elevate him to the status of a God;however,Paul being very intelligent and educated,understood some realities that others would not, thus proving himself to be a supreme realist:that in adressing

    Romans(unavoidable,he lived in the Roman Empire!) he could not propound a religious cause whose central person was an individual who on record was a person who was found

    guilty of sedition and executed by the Roman authorites in Palestine on multiple counts of inciting

    and attepting rebellion against Rome(crucifiction was a manner of execution for revolutionaries/ enemies of the state-see Buckland:"Roman Law),and most important,the emperor

    of Rome had the status of a god and was probably Pontifex

    Maximus(chief priest) of Sole Invictus(sun god) a religion gaining ground in Rome at that time;he had to elevate Jesus

    to the status of a god and its killing was attributed to the hated

    Jews and not to the Romans(Pontius Pilatus-one of the most ruthless governors of his time-washing his hands...!!!)

    naturally most scholars doubt seriously if everything that Jesus reported to have said,has actually being said by Him(!)

    the Pauline story naturally stuck with the increase of the converts and was endorsed by emperor Constantine, at the beginning of the fourth century AD,who wanted to unify the religious sects of his empire under one God Sole Invictus,predominant then in Rome, as being above all other

    gods(and guess what:he was the High Priest of Sole Invictus so by extension,the head of the Christian Church...);a little time earlier the church of Jesus had officially changed the date of birth of Jesus to 25th December from January 6th,so

    to coincide with the official date of birth of Sole Invictus(...)

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    Why did you answer the Q in R&S then? Why not the history section? I can tell by your capitalization of Jesus and Christianity that you know it means something more. Jesus, Christ the Son of God has followers. They are Christ-followers, which means Christianity so the miracles and such He performed are the conditions and why people followed Him. They believed what He said, because they were there. We have to believe now by faith. But even some who saw did not believe and so it is the same today.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It all came from Paul's writings, then codified by the Emperor Constantine.

    It should be called Paulinity, because it could have happened without Jesus but never happened without Paul.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    some miracles happend to many ppl

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